Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ted Hendricks at Raider Image Ontario

          Pro football Hall of Famer Ted Hendricks made an appearance at the Raider Image store in Ontario Sunday afternoon. I knew that the signing would  be a paid one but it really didn't matter to me since Ted rarely makes appearances in Southern California. The signing was scheduled to start at one o'clock so I arrived at the store around 12:30 hoping to get a good place in line. When I got to the store there was a small line of about 20 people, mostly Raiders fans, so after saying hello to my buddy Spencer, I jumped in the back of it. 

          Ted actually showed  up about 20 minutes early with his wife and started signing right away. He was taking his time with the fans taking pictures and chatting about the current Raiders, experiences, etc. About 25 minutes later I got up to Ted, I was deciding on which item I wanted signed, either my Official NFL Football that I got on Black Friday, or my NFL Hall of Fame mini-helmet. I saw that Ted was charging $50 for footballs and $30 for the mini-helmets which is very reasonable so I decided to get both signed! This was a good idea, I knew Ted doesn't usually make appearances down here, but his wife told me that he has only made two appearances at this Raider Image store in over 20 years! Ted also said that he was "down in the area" so that's why he was at this store. I got both my items signed and snapped a photo with Ted before leaving the mall happy as usual.

          When I got home I put the signed football in one of my football display cases that I bought on Black Friday at Michael's Craft Store. It was a black wood frame with a nice mirrored background. I personally think it looks very classy with the football in it.

          Overall it was another easy autograph at the Raider Image Ontario store. I am very high-up on these signings and recommend any local graphers to try one out if you haven't already. I would like to thank the store as well as Ted Hendricks and his wife for coming down here to sign sign autographs. I would also like to give a shout out to Spencer and his girlfriend Lauren who I saw at the signing. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Former Dodgers at Del Amo Fashion Center

          Former Dodgers Ron Cey, "Sweet" Lou Johnson and Maury Wills made an appearance Friday afternoon at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. The signing was the second of five Dodger's holiday mall tour where they bring out former and current Dodgers players to sign autographs, take photographs and most importantly, try to sell mini-plans and Dodgers season tickets to Dodgers fans. Luckily I am a die-hard Angels fan so I had no worries about being lured into buying any overpriced tickets!

          After a long morning of Black Friday shopping I finally arrived at the mall around 9:00 am. I quickly met up with my friends Tyler and Scotty who had been waiting since 7:30. Since there were only three people behind them I figured it would be okay to hop in line with the two and wait together. Cey was scheduled to sign at 11:30, however he arrived early and started signing at 11. I was really hoping that Cey would do multiples since I had four things to get signed for me and my father, however Cey was clearly only doing one per person so I decided to go with my baseball. At first I was a bit worried that one of the Dodgers handlers would be there, these guys are absolutely terrible and will literally scream at kids if they ask for an inscription or ask for two things signed, luckily none of them showed up and there were only about two women watching just to make sure people weren't cutting or laying down like 10 items. Cey wasn't very talkative but signed my ROMLB on the sweetspot with the "1981 CO-WS MVP" inscription under it.

          My dad was also able to get my infield photograph signed by Cey for me. I could pry have completed this project by now, but to be honest, I have been to lazy to do it so I'm hoping I can finish off Lopes and Russell fairly soon so I can get it out of my way.

          Since Cey showed up 30 minutes early, it was still only 11:15 by the time I got my first set of things signed. The line only had about 75 people in it so me, Tyler, Scotty and my dad got back in line to try and get a second round of autographs. Cey signed fairly quick and we got back up to Cey around 11:45ish. You could tell he remembered us but he didn't say anything instead he just grabbed our items and signed them. Again it was one per person and I got a 8x10 Photofile photograph signed as well as my Dodgers World Series trophy photograph that my dad was able to get for me. I have seen people use this trophy photo before and try to get people form specific Dodgers World Series teams so I figured it would be cool to try and get members of the 1981 team since they tipically sign all over the place here in SoCal.

          Both Tyler and Scotty still had stuff of Cey to get signed so they went back in line for a third time! My original intentions were to get my 4 items signed and be done with Cey, but since we would be waiting another 2 hours until the next person started signing, I figured I would join them and do something that I have always wanted to do. Many people have been getting all four members of the 1981 "Record Setting Infield" on one sweetspot baseball. I've seen many of them completed and they look really cool! So I decided to try for the heck of it to start it with Cey being the first to sign it. Once again you could tell Cey remembered us, but again he didn't say anything, including to the three other people in front of us that were doing the same thing as us. He seemed confused at first as I tried to explain that I wanted to do the whole record setting infield on one sweetspot but he realized what I was trying to say and signed it in the bottom-left corner of the sweetspot.

          By the time we got through Cey for a third time, it was about 12:30. We asked one of the people running the event where the "Sweet" Lou line would be. She directed us right over by a set of benches where we set our stuff down and sat down for a while. The nice thing about the signing was that there wasn't any wristbands so we could do whatever we wanted to. Me and Tyler went over to a couple of sports shops on the mall and Scotty was playing the spin the wheel thing they had set up where you could win some pretty cool prizes including a Dodgers blanket and an Andre Ethier action figure. I ended up spinning it a few times and got a few cheap plastic cups, two key-chains that came with the cups, a dodgers lunch bag and a Dodgers power necklace for free. It wasn't really about the prizes, it was more about passing time.

          Lou came in about 20 minutes late but was in great spirits as always. I was the first person he signed for and I got him on my 1965 World Series Champions photograph that was already signed by Maury Wills from a previous event. I asked Lou if I could get a photo with him and he told me later but he wanted to get through the autographs first. Sure enough later I went back when there was no more line and got a photograph. This ended up being probably my favorite moment ever with an athlete. He leaned over and put his face right next to mine and as he was about to take the photo, Lou made a really hilarious comment that I am not going to mention in public because honestly, it can be taken as racism on Lou's part and I don't want to offend anyone. If anyone really wants to hear what he said then just email me and I'll tell you. Anyways after literally five minutes of laughing, Tyler snapped a photo for me and we started to line up for Maury Wills where we were again first in line.

          Maury was scheduled to start signing at 4. Around 3:30 I decided that I needed to go and pull another baseball out of the trunk of my car, so thinking that we would have plenty of time me and Tyler went back to the car. Around 3:40, 20 minutes before the signing, I got a cal from my dad saying that Maury showed up early and was signing! Tyler and I sprinted through the entire mall all the way to the promenade on the complete opposite side. Luckily the girls running the event knew we were there all day and that we ran back to the car to grab something. I grabbed out my baseball and went up to Maury, he was kind enough to sign my ROMLB on the sweetspot and include the "3x World Series Champ" inscription that I asked for. I noticed Maury was putting LA Dodgers on everything and then the inscription which in my opinion cramped the signature too much, so I also asked if he wouldn't mind leaving out the LA Dodgers inscription on it as well.

         I decided to go back in line for Maury to get another ROMLB as well as my photo. He seemed to pick up the pace signing and we were up to him again in no time. Tyler had a piece of paper with a bunch of stats that Maury had put down for my friend Scotty, but the women said that it was too much and that he would just sign it which made Tyler upset. I was worried that he wouldn't put my inscription I wanted on the photograph but I guess one was okay. Maury was nice enough to put "586 career steals" on my 8x10.

          My dad also was able to get another ROMLB for me with "NL MVP 1/2" inscribed on it. One thing I noticed is that on both baseballs I got signed by Maury, the "M" in Maury didn't come out good. I though maybe it was just a mistake at first but he did it on seperate balls using different BIC pens. Oh well, they still came out nice.

         Overall it was a great signing to cap off a great day. I got every item I wanted signed so I certainly was happy with the results. It was a long day. I woke up at 4 am to go Black Friday shopping and haven't stopped since then. I'm going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow for sure! Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

Black Friday Pick-Ups


          Yes, It's that time of the year again. Black Friday. One day where sales are king and deals are everywhere, especially for us graphers. Luckily for me my birthday is placed almost perfectly in front of the day leaving me some extra cash to be able to spend. My first pick-up actually came on Thanksgiving night. It was a few football display cases at Michael's Craft Store. I went in to pick something up with my mother on Thursday night and saw these classy looking black wood shadow-box display cases with a mirrored background. The original price for one of the cases was $49.99, which personally I would never pay, but with the 40% off sale and the extra 35% off cupon my mother had, I decided to pick up three of them at around $24 each with tax. One of the cases is displayed in the picture above. Even though it is technically made for full-size footballs, it will also fit boxing gloves, shoes and other random stuff. Displayed in the case above is my Mike Tyson signed "TITLE" mini-glove with PSA.

          The next item, or items, I got was through the internet and once again it was on Thursday night. For the past two years Mitchell and Ness has marked down their prices on all jerseys to $100. That is a huge savings considering most of the jerseys range between $225 and $250. I was in high hopes that the company would do the same thing this year but sadly I was wrong. Mitchell and Ness had marked jerseys down only 25%! But I still took advantage of the sale and picked up a few jerseys for Spring Training. The first one was a Don Mattingly authentic 1995 home jersey. The thing I like about this jersey was that it had the black armband around the sleeve representing the death of the commisioner during the regular season as well as a number "7" saluting Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle who also passed away in 1995.

          The jersey is usually an insane amount of $225 but I saved $56.25 thanks to the 25% off sale so I ended up paying a total of $168.75. The next jersey is a Matt Williams Giants batting practice jersey. My original plans were to buy an actual on-field jersey for $100 but since the sale wasn't the same as years past, I decided to go with the much cheaper BP jersey. The jersey was originally $80 but with 25% off it was a very reasonable $60.

          The final jersey I picked up was a Robin Ventura White Sox batting practice jersey. I really like the looks of this jersey and find the red color to really stand out especially with the all white numbers and chest logo. Again I was hoping for an on-field jersey of Ventura, but for $60 I couldn't pass up the beautiful BP jersey.

          I was really hoping to pick-up an authentic on-field Tony Gwynn jersey to get it signed at one of his car dealership signings, but the $205.65 price tag turned me off. I also debated on buying a BP jersey of Tony but the only one they had was an ugly all yellow jersey, so I decided to go with the Ventura one instead. It certainly wasn't the bargain I was hoping for, but you can't complain when you save almost $100 on three jerseys that you know you can get signed down the road.

          After a long, sleepless night I decided to wake up around 4 am and head to my local Sports Authority. I went with the intentions of stacking up with baseballs and footballs since they were all 50% off. When I arrived at the one in Montcalair I was very dissapointed. They only had one official NFL football and didn't have any official major league baseballs. I asked one of the guys on the floor if they had sold out and he said no, but that their inventory wasn't big enough to carry a lot of official, high-end balls. So I picked up the one football for $50 and headed to the one in Ontario. Luckily the Ontario one was loaded with balls. I was able to scalp through all of the baseballs and pick up 17 of the cleanest ones I could find as well as 2 more official footballs. After that I headed to the one in North Fonatana and picked up 7 more baseballs for a total of 24. These baseballs are usually $17.99 but with 50% off they added up to $9 a piece which is even less than when you buy the baseballs in packs of 12. The footballs were pry the biggest steal. They are normally $100 a piece but were only $50 today. I saved around $150 in footballs alone and around $216 in balls overall. Not bad!

          Overall it wasn't a bad day for bargains. Every buck you can save helps especially in this economy we are living in today! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me... A.C. Green at Dave and Buster's Irvine

          Former "showtime" Laker and three-time NBA champion A.C. Green made an appearance at Dave and Buster's in Irvine on Wednesday. It just so happens that the signing ended up on my birthday, November 21st. Since I wasn't doing anything major on my actual birthday, I figured this would be a good way to celebrate and get out of the house. I arrived at Dave and Buster's around 3:30, about one and a half hours prior to the signing. I was surprised to see only three people inside the place wanting A.C.'s autograph. Almost immediately three men came over who were running the event and told us that it was a "private" event and people were given invites to come which got me confused. The event was advertised on ESPN Los Angeles's website as a autograph session saying "come meet and greet Laker legend A.C. Green..." I immediately pulled up the page on my phone and showed it to one of the directors. Fairly soon after that another director came in and said that it was all over ESPN as a public meet and greet and that people would be showing up expecting an autograph. So the men directing the signing quickly made a different plan and formed a line with us second in it. This made me very relieved since I had drove 40 minutes out to Irvine in one of the busiest traffic days of the year.

          The wait was very kickback. For a while the line was inside right in-front of 3 big screen T.V.'s which kept me entertained. My friend Scotty was in the arcade racking up prizes until 20 minutes until the signing so the wait went by very fast for both of us. Around 4:30 the staff moved us just outside the door near the table that A.C. would be signing at. To my surprise the line had about 25 people in it by the time the signing was scheduled to begin at 5:00. I expected a small crowd since A.C. signs a lot and also because he is known to personalize everything, and I mean everything, but the guy is still a three-time NBA champion and a Laker so I expected more than 25 people to show up. Here is a photograph of the actual line:

          A.C. arrived around 5:15 and started signing for the few V.I.P. guests that wanted his autograph. About 10 minutes later they opened up the line to the non V.I.P. members and I was allowed in. A.C. was super personable and friendly. He didn't even look at the photograph that I had laid down instead he talked to me for about five minutes before even looking at it! I told him it was my 14th birthday and he seemed very surprised that I was there even turning to one of the Laker Girls that were sitting next to him and telling her that it was my 14th birthday. As expected A.C. asked for my name as he went to sign it and asked me if it was alright if he but "happy birthday" on the photograph. Usually I would say no but since I knew A.C. would personalize it anyways, I figured it would be kind of cool for him to put that as it would be a nice memory of how I spent the day. I snapped a photograph with Mr. Green and quickly left the mall where the Dave and Buster's was located at.

          I was very happy with the autograph and even though he personalized, I thought the photo came out great and know that it will be a nice reminder of how I spent my 14th birthday. The quick in-and-out autograph also gave me time to stop at Frank and Sons on the way back to my house to pick up a photograph I needed for an upcoming signing on Friday so all in all everything worked out great. I would like to thank A.C. Green for being so cool as well as Dave and Buster's Irvine and ESPN 710 for putting on the event. I would also like to give a shout out to Scotty who I saw for a second straight day as well as his father Scott who is pictured in the photograph of the line above. Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anaheim Ducks at Practice

          Unfortunately with the NHL lockout still in place, being able to graph hockey has been very difficult here in Southern California. Most players are staying on the East coast or in their native countries leaving us graphers with a very rough season. Luckily I came across some tweets from 3 Anaheim Ducks players that some of the players had been practicing at Anaheim Ice, the official ice rink of the Ducks. At first I was skeptical about how many players would show up and if they would sign or not, but the day before I was going to head out to the rinks, my buddy Scotty called me saying in 15 minutes he got Bobby Ryan, Saku Koivu and Francois Beauchimen. The call didn't only confirm my suspicions, but it made me anxious to go out and try to graph some hockey.
          I arrived at the practice facility shortly after 9:00 am and quickly met up with Scotty and my other friends Ken and Ken Cr., if you don't know these guys then you are not a true So-Cal grapher, these are two of the hardest-core guys you will ever meet and I'm sure you have encountered them somewhere. Anyways within five minutes of arriving, Saku Koivu pulled up in a beautiful white Mercedes and came over to sign for us. Saku was very nice and talkative and was kind enough to sign two 8x10's as well as four cards for my mom who I brought along for some help.

          After Saku came in defender Francois Beauchimen pulled in and signed for us. I got the front-liner and former Stanley Cup Champion on a 2012 SCORE card as well as my Ducks logo puck as seen below.

          Then Luca Sbisa, or so we thought came in. The player looked like Luca in his sunglasses, I asked for him to come over and about 10 feet away from us he took off his glasses and I realized that it wasn't Sbisa! I told him I was sorry and told him he looked similar to Luca, at that point I had no idea who he was until he said, "Oh no, I'm Staubitz". Luckily I had two Staubitz cards in my book and asked him if he could sign them. He was very cool and told me that Teemu Selanne said the same thing to him tthe other day, which made me feel better knowing that it wasn't a complete butcher.

          After that Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf came in. Getzlaf is known to be one of the few guys on the team that isn't a great signer or a really cool dude, but he came over and was very nice talking to us and even getting a few laughs in here or there. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice Ryan was to us and was able to get him on two cards (one from me and one from my mom). The one card bubbled fairly badly which shocked me being that I prepped the card and had had no problems with that type of card before, I guess the way they hold the pen or sign the card could make it bubble?!?!

          Then came the biggest surprise of the day. Teemu Selanne rolled up in a Audi and came over to sign for us. One of my main goals this year was to get the "Finish Flash" being that this would probably be his last year in the NHL, but the lockout has kept me from doing so and I was worried that the future HOF'er would retire if the entire season is skipped, which is a high possibility. Anyways Teemu came over and signed a Ducks logo puck for me as well as an 8x10 for my mom. You can see in one of the photos two signed cards by Teemu, I got those after practice when Teemu walked out and signed again for us. 

          Before Teemu could even finish signing, Bobby Ryan came over and started signing for us four as well. Bobby is one of the classiest guys you will ever meet. He practically signs anything and everything you have and has no problem doing so as long as you are a Ducks fan. Bobby also carries on a major conversation with everyone as he signs even waiting a few minutes after he finished up signing just to finish our conversation. One of my favorite things Bobby said was when I told him that I usually graph baseball players and how they usually don't even pay attention to us and he said, "Honestly I don't do this {sign} to often on the road but at home I know you guys are fans so it's a pleasure to sign for you guys," even adding later that, "That's why I keep getting you guys because I know you are the fans". Bobby signed 12 cards, yes 12, and a puck however since he came over right after Teemu, I didn't have time to re-prep my DECO paint pen and it wouldn't write well on the puck, Bobby tried re-shaking it but it was too late and the puck didn't come out too good.

          The final guy to come in was goalie Jonas Hiller, Hiller signed three cards for me as well as an 8x10 for my mom. I also was able to get a photo with Ducks d-man Toni Lydman since I didn't have anything for him to sign but didn't upload it onto my computer.

          I did stay after practice but only got Teemu Selanne (as mentioned above) since all of the other guys already signed everything I needed. Bobby Ryan also came over to finish up a few cards for Scotty and Ken Jr. but he had already done everything I had so I just talked to him for a few minutes as he was signing away. Overall it was a VERY successful day of graphing. I absolutely love graphing hockey since it is so much different than baseball. Anymore some of these baseball players, actually most of them now, get huge heads and seem to forget that we are humans just like them, but in hockey almost every player is friendly and is pleasant about signing.

          I ended up coming away with 25 signed cards, 4 signed 8x10's and 3 signed pucks in about three and a half hours. Most of the time to come remotely close to those numbers in baseball you would have to wait 7-10 hours pregame and possibly a couple of hours post-game as well, not including the 3+ hour game in between. I would like to give a shout-out to my graphing friends Scotty, Ken Jr. and Ken Cr. who made the day very entertaining. The Ducks don't actually practice like this very often and they don't have any dates set so really I wouldn't recommend you going and if you do don't be dissapointed if not one player shows up. It sounds like they practice mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays so those days might be the best time to try. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Follow Me On Twitter!!!

          Hi everybody, I would like to thank you all for your viewership since I posted the blog. Sadly I caught a bad flew so there will be no graphing for me this weekend. I wanted to mention that if you guys would like to follow me on Twitter my handle is @MCville27. I will keep updates on new posts in my blog as well as talk sports, autographs, food, etc. Practically anything you can think of. Once again my handle is @MCville27! Thanks again for your time and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade With The Legendary "Dodgerbobble"

          Over the past week Josh form "Dodgerbobble" and myself have been working out a blockbuster trade that was finally completed Wednesday night. The final deal involved me sending Josh a 2011 Matt Kemp signed All-Star baseball, a Juan Uribe signed ROMLB and a Mark Trumbo signed ROMLB for 12 autographed/jersey cards. Some people might say, you're crazy for trading a Kemp ball, but to be honest, he is so easy and I have gotten him so many times, it really wasn't a big deal for me. I know I can get him again if I need to so I had no problem sending that Kemp, a Uribe and one of my many Mark Trumbo baseballs for some awesome cards.

          These were three of the cards that really caught my eye in the trade. A beautiful 2012 Museum Collection Hanley Ramirez bat card #05/30, a certified 2012 Topps Tribute Alexi Ogando autographed card #09/99, and a 2001 Upper Deck "Ultimate Signatures" Duke Snider autographed card #146/150. I was really excited to get Snider finally, unfortunately I was never able to get the Dodger legend before he passed away last year, so to be able to get something certified and signed by him makes my day! Here is what else I was able to pick up in the trade:
Emilio Bonifacio 2012 Triple Threads dual jersey/auto card #25/50
Jose Altuve 2011 Topps "Golden Moments" auto card
Adam Lind 2012 Tier One auto card #147/399
Joel Hanrahan 2012 Tier One auto card #313/399
Brandon Belt 2011 Bowman Sterling jersey card
J.D. Martinez 2012 Triple Threads dual jersey/auto card #16/99
J.D. Martinez Tier One auto card #324/350 (I think he is going to be something big)
Daniel Bard 2012 Tier One auto card #12/235 (I figured this would be the only way to get him)
Ian Kennedy 2012 Tier One jersey card #250/399

          Overall I think it was a solid deal for the both of us. They funny thing is that I got three replies on the Kemp ball the same day but luckily Josh got to it first because he had the best stuff for reasonable prices. The same day somebody told me they would need something more than a 2009 Stephen Strausberg USA card that books for over $30, for a J.P. Arencibia auto card that books at $15. That's when you say "Have a good day." or "No thanks, I'm not interested anymore.", but Josh was very reasonable in working out a trade that benifited both of us.

          I would like to thank Josh from "Dodgerbobble" for working out a good and fair trade. Make sure to check out his blog, especially if you are into the Dodgers or bobbleheads. His recap on the trade will most likely be tomorrow as I got them in the mail one day after he did. Thanks for reading and enjoy your long weekend... I know I will!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Devin Setoguchi at Ontario Reign

         With the NHL lockout currently still in place, many of the league's best have decided to go overseas to continue playing hockey, however, the few that want to stay in the United States have found themselves signing contracts with minor league teams in the AHL and ECHL. That is exactly what Wild forward Devin Setoguchi did this weekend as he signed a contract with the Ontario Reign until the end of the lockout. Setoguchi was slated to make his first appearance with the Reign Wednesday night in Ontario and since I only live about 10 minutes away from the Reign's home facility, I knew I had to go. 
          My original plan going into the day was to go to the actual game with my brother-in-law who is a HUGE Minnesota Wild fan, but around 3:00 I figured that it would be best to save the $20 tickets and just try to get Seto post-game. I got to the facility around 9:20 and immediately found the player's parking lot. I was very surprised to see that it was an underground parking lot, but I guess when you have Justin Bieber, The Eagles, etc. performing shows there, it is a must. The bad thing about this was that I knew I would have no chance of getting Setoguchi's autograph, luckily the Reign were holding one of their Wednesday post-game player parties so I immediately headed to Bostons Pizza in hope the he would arrive.
          Instead of waisting my time sitting, wondering if Setoguchi was going to come, I decided to ask the first person who came in if he was expected to show up, sure enough the player said "yes". About 20 minutes later Setoguchi showed up in a group of 3 and he immediately started signing for me and two other local "graphers". I was able to get him on a puck (pictured above) and the 5 cards that I was able to get at Frank and Sons earlier in the day. He was very nice even kiddingly asking me "how much do you think these will go for?", sometimes I take offense to this, but I could tell Seto was joking so I didn't care.

          Overall it was another easy autograph, I was also able to get 4 Reign players on my team card but didn't bother taking a picture of it since it really isn't worth while. For those of you wondering, Setoguchi is expected to play on the Reign until the end of the NHL lockout and the next Reign home game is Wednesday, November 14 against the San Francisco Bulls. Once again thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome To My Blog!

          Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog, MC's Autograph Signings. In this blog I will post about all of my autograph adventures as a local grapher here in beautiful Southern California. During the baseball season my home is practically Angel Stadium as I graph pre and post game about every chance I get, which is quite often. During the offseason I work on expanding my basketball, football and hockey autographs at practices and autograph signings within the area.

          I am a diehard Angels, Clippers, Ducks, and 49ers fans and haven't switched a team since I got into sports about 8 years ago. I started autographing around 3 years ago and became "hardcore" starting this season, even earning "Rookie Of The Year" honors among my fellow graphers at Angel Stadium. I am very good friends with David from Davids Autograph Signings and really recommend that you check out his blog if you haven't yet. 

          Before I start posting, I thought it would be good to mention some of my favorite autographs that I have gotten to this point, so I decided to put together a list of my top 5 autographs I have gotten: 1. Joe Montana signed and framed jersey 2. Vladimir Guerrero signed custom BWP bat 3. Alex Gordon game-used bat 4. Dan Haren signed jersey 5. Mike Trout signed ROMLB. Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy reading all of my posts from now on! Also, make sure to join or follow this site! Thanks again!

Jeff Jaeger At Radier Image Ontario

          Former Raider kicker Jeff Jaeger made an appearance at the Raider Image store in Ontario, California on Saturday. The signing was scheduled from 11 to 1 or 2, I forget the exact time. I arrived around 12:15 and literally walked right up to Jeff, he was very talkative, shaking my hand, asking what my name was and so on. I knew coming into the signing that it wasn't going to be free, but figured from a previous post that Jeff would have photographs on him and would charge $10 for one or $15 for two, but unfortunately I was incorrect. Jeff did have the photos but charged $15 for one or $25 for two, which is still dirt cheap for a signed photo.
          I quickly chose my photo and then asked Jeff if he would inscribe anything, he replied with "I'll sign anything you want buddy" so I then handed him the paper which had some of his career stats written down on it. You could tell both Jeff and the Raider Image guy were impressed that I had come prepared. Sure enough Jeff wrote down everything I put on the paper, all for free! I then took a photo with him and left the mall very pleased.

          Overall it was another perfect Raider Image signing. I always love going to these signings because they are always hassle free, there is almost never any line, and I only live about 10 minutes away from the Ontario Mills mall where the store is located at. Even though these signings are usually never free, they are always very reasonable, so I never worry about going to the signings. In fact if you buy an item in the store such as a mini-helmet to get signed, the signature is free, so never bring your own mini-helmet to get signed.
          I would like to thank the Raider Image store in Ontario as well as Jeff Jaeger for putting on this event. This store usually has signings about every 2 or 3 weekends with former Raider players and I definitely recommend trying it out. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!