Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me... A.C. Green at Dave and Buster's Irvine

          Former "showtime" Laker and three-time NBA champion A.C. Green made an appearance at Dave and Buster's in Irvine on Wednesday. It just so happens that the signing ended up on my birthday, November 21st. Since I wasn't doing anything major on my actual birthday, I figured this would be a good way to celebrate and get out of the house. I arrived at Dave and Buster's around 3:30, about one and a half hours prior to the signing. I was surprised to see only three people inside the place wanting A.C.'s autograph. Almost immediately three men came over who were running the event and told us that it was a "private" event and people were given invites to come which got me confused. The event was advertised on ESPN Los Angeles's website as a autograph session saying "come meet and greet Laker legend A.C. Green..." I immediately pulled up the page on my phone and showed it to one of the directors. Fairly soon after that another director came in and said that it was all over ESPN as a public meet and greet and that people would be showing up expecting an autograph. So the men directing the signing quickly made a different plan and formed a line with us second in it. This made me very relieved since I had drove 40 minutes out to Irvine in one of the busiest traffic days of the year.

          The wait was very kickback. For a while the line was inside right in-front of 3 big screen T.V.'s which kept me entertained. My friend Scotty was in the arcade racking up prizes until 20 minutes until the signing so the wait went by very fast for both of us. Around 4:30 the staff moved us just outside the door near the table that A.C. would be signing at. To my surprise the line had about 25 people in it by the time the signing was scheduled to begin at 5:00. I expected a small crowd since A.C. signs a lot and also because he is known to personalize everything, and I mean everything, but the guy is still a three-time NBA champion and a Laker so I expected more than 25 people to show up. Here is a photograph of the actual line:

          A.C. arrived around 5:15 and started signing for the few V.I.P. guests that wanted his autograph. About 10 minutes later they opened up the line to the non V.I.P. members and I was allowed in. A.C. was super personable and friendly. He didn't even look at the photograph that I had laid down instead he talked to me for about five minutes before even looking at it! I told him it was my 14th birthday and he seemed very surprised that I was there even turning to one of the Laker Girls that were sitting next to him and telling her that it was my 14th birthday. As expected A.C. asked for my name as he went to sign it and asked me if it was alright if he but "happy birthday" on the photograph. Usually I would say no but since I knew A.C. would personalize it anyways, I figured it would be kind of cool for him to put that as it would be a nice memory of how I spent the day. I snapped a photograph with Mr. Green and quickly left the mall where the Dave and Buster's was located at.

          I was very happy with the autograph and even though he personalized, I thought the photo came out great and know that it will be a nice reminder of how I spent my 14th birthday. The quick in-and-out autograph also gave me time to stop at Frank and Sons on the way back to my house to pick up a photograph I needed for an upcoming signing on Friday so all in all everything worked out great. I would like to thank A.C. Green for being so cool as well as Dave and Buster's Irvine and ESPN 710 for putting on the event. I would also like to give a shout out to Scotty who I saw for a second straight day as well as his father Scott who is pictured in the photograph of the line above. Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


  1. Congrats on the success and Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy bday Matt. I thought you were a Clipper fan? I never thought i'd see you wear Lakers gear. Anyways nice autograph and it was cool that AC personalized it and wished you a happy bday as well.

    1. Clipper Nation all the way! Haha. Thanks man! I was actually a Lakers fan about 5 years ago and my sister picked it up for me at the NBA store in New York City on her honeymoon. Unfortunately I was a small back then and the shirt was a kids XL so I just grew into it!!! I figured since it was the only Lakers thing that still fit me, I mine as well wear it. Anyways how bout em' Sacramento Kings. Looked pretty good against the "Flake-show"! Haha