Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jeff Jaeger At Radier Image Ontario

          Former Raider kicker Jeff Jaeger made an appearance at the Raider Image store in Ontario, California on Saturday. The signing was scheduled from 11 to 1 or 2, I forget the exact time. I arrived around 12:15 and literally walked right up to Jeff, he was very talkative, shaking my hand, asking what my name was and so on. I knew coming into the signing that it wasn't going to be free, but figured from a previous post that Jeff would have photographs on him and would charge $10 for one or $15 for two, but unfortunately I was incorrect. Jeff did have the photos but charged $15 for one or $25 for two, which is still dirt cheap for a signed photo.
          I quickly chose my photo and then asked Jeff if he would inscribe anything, he replied with "I'll sign anything you want buddy" so I then handed him the paper which had some of his career stats written down on it. You could tell both Jeff and the Raider Image guy were impressed that I had come prepared. Sure enough Jeff wrote down everything I put on the paper, all for free! I then took a photo with him and left the mall very pleased.

          Overall it was another perfect Raider Image signing. I always love going to these signings because they are always hassle free, there is almost never any line, and I only live about 10 minutes away from the Ontario Mills mall where the store is located at. Even though these signings are usually never free, they are always very reasonable, so I never worry about going to the signings. In fact if you buy an item in the store such as a mini-helmet to get signed, the signature is free, so never bring your own mini-helmet to get signed.
          I would like to thank the Raider Image store in Ontario as well as Jeff Jaeger for putting on this event. This store usually has signings about every 2 or 3 weekends with former Raider players and I definitely recommend trying it out. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!

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