Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade With The Legendary "Dodgerbobble"

          Over the past week Josh form "Dodgerbobble" and myself have been working out a blockbuster trade that was finally completed Wednesday night. The final deal involved me sending Josh a 2011 Matt Kemp signed All-Star baseball, a Juan Uribe signed ROMLB and a Mark Trumbo signed ROMLB for 12 autographed/jersey cards. Some people might say, you're crazy for trading a Kemp ball, but to be honest, he is so easy and I have gotten him so many times, it really wasn't a big deal for me. I know I can get him again if I need to so I had no problem sending that Kemp, a Uribe and one of my many Mark Trumbo baseballs for some awesome cards.

          These were three of the cards that really caught my eye in the trade. A beautiful 2012 Museum Collection Hanley Ramirez bat card #05/30, a certified 2012 Topps Tribute Alexi Ogando autographed card #09/99, and a 2001 Upper Deck "Ultimate Signatures" Duke Snider autographed card #146/150. I was really excited to get Snider finally, unfortunately I was never able to get the Dodger legend before he passed away last year, so to be able to get something certified and signed by him makes my day! Here is what else I was able to pick up in the trade:
Emilio Bonifacio 2012 Triple Threads dual jersey/auto card #25/50
Jose Altuve 2011 Topps "Golden Moments" auto card
Adam Lind 2012 Tier One auto card #147/399
Joel Hanrahan 2012 Tier One auto card #313/399
Brandon Belt 2011 Bowman Sterling jersey card
J.D. Martinez 2012 Triple Threads dual jersey/auto card #16/99
J.D. Martinez Tier One auto card #324/350 (I think he is going to be something big)
Daniel Bard 2012 Tier One auto card #12/235 (I figured this would be the only way to get him)
Ian Kennedy 2012 Tier One jersey card #250/399

          Overall I think it was a solid deal for the both of us. They funny thing is that I got three replies on the Kemp ball the same day but luckily Josh got to it first because he had the best stuff for reasonable prices. The same day somebody told me they would need something more than a 2009 Stephen Strausberg USA card that books for over $30, for a J.P. Arencibia auto card that books at $15. That's when you say "Have a good day." or "No thanks, I'm not interested anymore.", but Josh was very reasonable in working out a trade that benifited both of us.

          I would like to thank Josh from "Dodgerbobble" for working out a good and fair trade. Make sure to check out his blog, especially if you are into the Dodgers or bobbleheads. His recap on the trade will most likely be tomorrow as I got them in the mail one day after he did. Thanks for reading and enjoy your long weekend... I know I will!


  1. Great blog! Thanks for the trade, can't wait to do it again!

    1. We'll have to work on another blockbuster one day. Maybe after Spring Training when I load up on my Kemp autos!!! :)

    2. Do you have any other Matt Kemp balls? Lets make a deal.

    3. I don't have any extra Kemp stuff right now. I have about five things of him but they are all different so I want to hold onto those. By the end of Spring Training I should have a few more and would be more than willing to work out a deal. Check back with me around Opening Day and we'll talk about it some more!

  2. Do you have any kershaw signed baseballs you might be interested in trading?

    1. No I don't, I actually haven't gotten him before. It's not like he doesn't sign, I just can never seem to get him. If you go to Spring Training you'll pry be able to get him. Good luck trying to find one!