Saturday, December 29, 2012

Autographing Failure

          As I was searching the internet earlier this week, I stumbled upon some interesting information. Former big league catchers Matt Stark, Carl Nichols, Jim McNamara and Jeff DeWillis were scheduled to be in Whittier Saturday afternoon for a baseball camp. I figured this would be a great opportunity to get some autographs on an unusually dead graphing weekend. Unfortunately Saturday was another stormy day in SoCal, and my gut was telling me that the camp would be cancelled because of the weather. However I decided to avoid my feeling and headed down to the baseball field in Whittier where the camp was suppose to be located. 

          As I kept getting closer to Whittier I began to notice that the weather was clearing up a bit compared to what it was at my home in Upland. Sure there were still some rain clouds and a few light drizzles, but you could definitely tell a difference in how thick the clouds were. This gave me hope that the camp may not be cancelled. I arrived at the field around one, shortly after my friend David and his brother Josh showed up, but unfortunately, Stark, Nichols, McNamara, DeWillis, and/or any of the camp participants were no where to be found. We instantly knew that the camp was cancelled due to weather. We attempted calling the organization to see if the camp was moved to a different location, but our calls kept going to voice mail and were not answered. We decided to take things to a desperate level. We found a hotel on the organizations website where the players who were from out of the area were staying at. We figured that since some of the participants were staying there, some of the coaches may be too. We drove about two miles to the hotel and decided to wait in the lobby hoping that at least one of the former major leaguers would come out and sign. Unfortunately none of the coaches came out and we were not even able to find out if any of them were actually staying at the hotel or not, so after about an hour of failed graphing, we decided to call it a day and grab a bite to eat.

          This is the first day I have had in a while that I didn't get any autographs. Most of the time I will come away with one or two at least when I try. In fact I believe the last time I was shut out was back in 2010. To make things worse it wasn't by some big shot or superstar, it was by a few guys who barely played 150 games in the majors... combined. However the fact that this was the only event going on this weekend didn't completely dampen my spirits, it's not like I decided to pass on another event to go to this one. Now that would of really burned! It's time to put this one behind me and look forward to what will hopefully be a much better week for graphing! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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