Friday, December 7, 2012

DeAndre Jordan at Footlocker Beverly Hills

          Clippers star center DeAndre Jordan made an appearance at the Footlocker store in Beverly Hills Friday night. The appearance wasn't made public until earlier Friday afternoon when Footlocker posted the appearance on their Twitter page. Around 2:45 I got the news from three of my friends and debated on making the long, Friday night drive out to Beverly Hills or not, but in the end I decided to go.

          Traffic was fairly good, especially for a Friday night, and we got to the Footlocker around 6pm, one hour before the scheduled start time. My good friend David, not the one from David's Autograph Signings, was able to pick me up three cards at the card shop that he had stopped by on the way out. On top of that I had a few items laying around my room which I needed to be signed by D.J. Not to my surprise the long wasn't very long at all, in fact me, my mom, and David were third group in line. DeAndre arrived about twenty minutes late, most likely due to the L.A. traffic, but it is certainly not the first time a player arrived late to their own appearance, and I can guarantee you it won't be the last either.

          Then something fairly wierd and very unorganized happened. The Footlocker staff told us to bunch up together by the table to watch DeAndre do a Q and A before he started signing. The bad thing about this is that there are always stupid people who think that they are better than everyone else and just jump right to the front of the line, giving no concern for the people that have actually waited longer than they did. I ended up getting crowded and shoved around by people who were at the back of the line, who were trying to get to the front! Even though there were only thirty people there, it was still a mess and got me a little irritated that me and the other four people that were in front of us were getting pushed back to the rear of the group by people who had just arrived. Eventually DeAndre started signing, they made us form a NEW line against a wall and somehow, we were about 15 people back! I knew we were going to get the autograph either way, but it's the whole principal of people who think they are just better than you and decide to just blatantly get in front of people who have waited much, much longer than them. Anyways, now that my small rant is over, it's time to get back to the main goal, autographs.

          I noticed that not one person in front of us had given D.J. an outside item, instead having him sign the giveaway shirt or a cheap Under Armour poster that he had with him. It got me worried that maybe he wasn't doing outside items and only the cheap shirts or posters which personally, I could care less about. But sure enough he was doing outside items and signed the three cards David picked up for me as well as my 8x10 of him, Blake Griffin and Caron Butler. He was also kind enough to put "Lob City!" on my photo at my request.

          As you can see DeAndre signed my cards in black but the photo in blue. When I handed him the blue Sharpie, he looked at it, and then looked at the black one in his other hand, then set down my blue ones and signed the cards in black, which I thought was strange. He was also about to sign my photograph with black before I politely asked him if he could use the blue one I gave him. You'll pry also notice that the one card on the far-left didn't come out at all. Sadly I didn't have time to prepare the cards for signatures, but didn't think they would bubble, at least not that bad!

          He was also able to sign my Clippers team basketball for my mother who was nice enough to drive me. Basketball graphing is hard to come by in SoCal, and when they do sign, it is almost always out in Los Angeles and on a busy weekend for me! I now have Eric Bledsoe and former Clipper Bobby Simmons on the ball with D.J. who I both got last season. I also noticed that 2000 NCAA basketball champion and former NBA player Jay Williams was hanging out. I saw on Twitter that he would be there but didn't think much about it until I saw him checking out some hats. I asked him for a photograph and sure enough, he took one with me.

          After that we left the mall and headed home. Luckily traffic wasn't bad again so my mother and I considered ourselves very lucky that we didn't get caught in the terrible Los Angeles traffic. I would like to thank the Footlocker store in Beverly Hills as well as DeAndre Jordan and Jay Williams for hosting and making the appearance. Thanks for reading and until next time, enjoy!


  1. Nice score.

    Too bad you were pushed around. It happens here in NY as well. Hazzards of our hobby, I'm afraid.

    1. I can only imagine what it is like in New York. The thing that made me scratch my head was that there were 30 people at most even at the event! Sadly, our hobby is going down hill fast and I'm hopping it doesn't get to a point where I get too discouraged to do it! Haha

  2. You were mad they did that to you then you cut in line at the fernando signing.. well i guess you get what you give..

    1. Please read my reply to your other comment. I don't push and shove my way to the front without consideration like "cutters", I am very aware of others and never hop in line without asking the people right behind them if they are okay with it. If you don't agree with this then I'm sorry, but that is the way I do things and it's not like I do this every appearance I go to.

    2. @David Rosas, you must be not have much of a life if you spend most of you time trolling on blogs...

      Another great post Matt!