Monday, December 10, 2012

Setoguchi, Clifford at Ontario Reign

           After a long couple of days, I decided to cap off my weekend of graphing by going to the Ontario Reign's "Post Game Player Party" at the local Boston's Pizza in Ontario. With the NHL still ongoing, many NHL players have found teams to temporarily play on either in the Minor Leagues, or in other countries around the world. I recently went to one of these player parties to get Minnesota Wild foward Devin Setoguchi, you can read about that by clicking here, but since then Kings foward and 2012 Stanley Cup Champ Kyle Clifford joined the team. I noticed that this would be the last player party until mid-January, so I decided to head out to see what I could get.

          When I got to the restaurant, I was informed that there were only four tables open for public seating as all of the others were reserved, the cool thing about this was that the table was three feet away from where the players sat and I was surrounded by some of there families. I ordered a delicious pasta and ate to pass some time until the players arrived. The Reign ended up winning in overtime and about an hour later, all the players started rolling in. I had my eyes out for three people, Clifford, Setoguchi and Paul Mara, who was also on the team. I quickly found Clifford and get this, he was sitting in the booth right behind me! I ended up sitting back-to-back with him. I was going to wait until he got up but realized that a few people were going up to the table and he was signing so I decided to do the same. Kyle signed all five of my cards, two 2012 SCORE's and 3 2012 Upper Deck's as well as my Kings logo puck which is pictured below next to my Setoguchi Sharks puck.

          Next up was Devin Setoguchi. On top of the ten cards and puck that I had for him, I also had my brother-in-law's jersey which he got in Minnesota as well as a card for him (He is a major Wild fan). I knew it would be a long shot to get all of them signed, but figured I would give it a try. Devin was just sitting at the table with most of the other players. He was mainly on his phone and was sipping on a beer but surprisingly didn't have the free pizza they laid out for them. I approached Devin and he was as nice as could be, he was a little bit quiet, but was very nice. I first handed him my brother's jersey. He signed it right across the "0" and it came out beautifully. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it and returned it to him before it came across my mind. I then asked him to sign my cards, he was kind enough to sign my ten as well as the one for my brother, that's now fifteen cards I have gotten Setoguchi on including the last player party. Finally, I kindly apologized for having so may things for him and asked him if he could sign my one last puck, sure enough he did. I was also able to snap a photo with him on my phone but couldn't find how to upload it. What I found cool about Setoguchi was that he didn't get annoyed when I asked him for the stuff. Sometimes I see players get annoyed if I ask them for one more thing, and I can sometimes understand why, but Devin was different and in my opinion, that's how these players getting paid millions of dollars from their fans should act. If you can't handle a fourteen year old with some cards and his brother's jersey, then you shouldn't be playing.

          Overall it was a very easy day. It was a nice change from waiting in line for so long. I ended up being at Boston's for three hours and spent half of that time eating and watching the Lakers game on the big screen. Unfortunately, Paul Mara didn't show up, but that's okay because he was the least important to me out of the three. I would like to thank the Ontario Reign and Boston's Pizza for hosting the event, as well as Kyle Clifford and Devin Setoguchi for being class acts and taking the time to sign. Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Seto hooked you up. He was my favorite player during his years with the Sharks... and he's still my favorite non-Shark.

    It's a shame the two sides can figure things out, because I'm starting to get worried about what I'm going to do with my spare time when football season comes to an end.

    1. Yeah, Seto was great! I'm a Ducks fan bet he was always one of the Sharks I liked. It would be nice to see them figure something out, but at this point, I just don't see it happening. Unfortunately when the Winter Classic and All Star Game got cancelled, I lost all hope. I just don't see a point of having a 40-50 game cramped up season with no Winter Classic or All Star game. Those are the big revenue sources for the NHL so I think the owners and the league almost gave up after they got cancelled. At this point, I'm hoping they get something for next year.