Monday, January 28, 2013

Eddie Guardado Charity Bowling at Bowlmor Lanes

          After some back-and-forth deliberation, I decided to spend my Sunday at the 2nd annual Eddie Guardado Charity Bowling Event held at Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin. According to my friend David, last year's event was very kicked back and there were only about ten graphers, but this year's event was much different.

          After a long Saturday I finally woke up around 12:30. I quickly got all of my stuff ready, made a couple of quick stops, and headed out to Tustin. I got to the alley around 3:30 and met up with my friends David Anderson, David, Benson, Scotty, Alex, Spencer, Moe, Matt, Rob and Alex Cala. I thought the Trinity Home Run Challenge was a reunion, but man, this event brought out all of the graphers from the dealers to the dimers. The amount of graphers did make it difficult to graph, but it was nice seeing everybody from Angel Stadium again. The first person to sign was the man himself, Eddie Guardado. Guardado was very nice and signed for all of the people who wanted his autograph. He was kind enough to sign a pair of cards for me.

         The next guys to come in were Scott Feldman and Derek Holland. Holland only signed for about eight people and unfortunately I was not one of those eight, but I was able to get Feldman. He was kind of in a hurry and was only doing one per, but I considered myself lucky to get him as he walked in almost immediately after signing for me.

          LaTroy Hawkins and Adrian Beltre then rolled up almost simultaneously. Everybody swarmed Beltre, making it impossible to get to him, but only a few guys went after LaTroy, so I decided to get him instead. Beltre ended up signing for about twenty or more people, but there were probably fifty people surrounding him, and I wasn't even able to get close.

          Angels' ace Jered Weaver then came in, however he took a back entrance and we were unable to get back there in time. Weaver remains one of the toughest guys to get in Southern California. I have only been fortunate enough to get him twice, once at Spring Training and once earlier this year at a signing that was held at a casino. I then came back to where my mom was sitting and noticed that Shawn Green was signing for a few people around the corner. Most of the graphers were back by the valet area, so there were only about ten people around him. Luckily he signed for all ten and I was able to get my 2003 Donruss card signed.

          UFC wrestler Mark Munoz then came in with his son and daughter. I'm typically not a big collector when it comes to UFC or WWE type of guys, but Munoz is one wrestler that I'm familiar with, and was able to pick up a few of his cards the other day. He was very nice and signed all three of my cards.

          The next person to come up was former utility man Denny Hocking. Two other graphers and myself thought we saw Hocking go in the VIP entrance earlier, so all three of us were happy to see him come up and sign. Hocking was very personable and was doing everything that you had. One of the graphers, Greg, was able to get his full page of eight cards done. Me, well, I only had two, but Denny was more than happy to sign them both for me.

          By the time everything slowed down, it was 5:45 and the event was well underway. All the graphers were under the impression that everyone had already come in, but then Michael Young, Vernon Wells and Jamie Moyer all came in at the same time. I initially went after Young. For some reason I have never been able to get the former batting champion, it's not that he doesn't sign, in fact he is a very good signer, but I have either missed Young or have been turned down by him every time I have encountered him. Unfortunately it seemed as if today wasn't my day either. Young signed away, but said he had to get into the event after a while and left right as I got in front of him. I then sprinted over to try and get Wells, but like Young, he had just gone inside. By that time Moyer had already walked in and I had missed out on all three of the guys that I wanted.

          I was a little depressed, my day hadn't been great to that point, and I was turned down by some of the three biggest names at the event. It seemed as if my Sunday was turning into a bit of a waist, similar to my Saturday. I was ready to go home and watch the Clippers game. I went back over near the VIP entrance to say goodbye to some of my friends, and what do you know, Michael Young and Vernon Wells were checking in. I pulled out a baseball and immediately got Wells, who had the lesser crowd around him. I was able to get him on an official baseball across the sweetspot.

          I then took about five steps to the right an found myself right in front of Michael Young. He also signed an official baseball across the sweetspot for me.

          I thought about asking my mom to get my bat signed by Young, but realized that it would probably be too late and that I could save it for Spring Training. None the less I was overly excited to get Young, especially since he is with Philadelphia now, a team that never comes to Angel Stadium. I was also excited to finally get Wells again. He is in the midst of trade talks and I am happy to get him on a baseball just in case he does eventually get traded. My day had turned from okay to great.

          As I was putting my two baseball's away, Jamie Moyer walked right in front of me. I tried getting a baseball out, but by the time I did he had already entered the alley. I wasn't too disappointed though. I then made it home just in time to watch the Clippers end their four game skip and beat the Portland Trail Blazers in convincing fashion. I would like to thank Eddie Guardado as well as Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin for putting on the event as well as all of the athletes for signing. Unfortunately there were a ton of no-shows including Torii Hunter, who I really wanted on one of my bats. While I did do good this year, I probably won't be going back for next year's event, especially if there is something else going on. The event was decent for autographs, but there were just too many graphers and I expect there to be even more of a crowd next year, if possible. A shout out to all of my friends who I saw at the event and can't wait for the season to kick back up so I can see all you guys more often. Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Antawn Jamison Signing at Walmart West Covina

          After a failure at Super Fest, I was hoping to rebound at the Antawn Jamison signing in West Covina. I heard about the signing last minute, in fact less than 24 hours earlier, but luckily I had a few Jamison cards already in my collection and I had them set aside since he is on the Lakers. The signing was scheduled to start at three and I was able to leave San Diego early enough to make it to the signing 45 minutes before it's start time. I went upstairs and found the line, which had about 30 fans in it already. I expected the event to be low key, in fact I was expecting only about 30 people total due to most people being at the Dodgers Fan Fest, however I guess most people left Fan Fest early because by the time three came around there were about 100 people. 

          Jamison arrived about twenty minutes late due to "traffic" but started signing right away. I finally got to the front of the line around 3:50 and Jamison was as nice as ever. He was very friendly and when he asked if I had a relaxing Saturday, I honesty said, "Enjoyable, but Not relaxing.". I told him that we drove from San Diego to the signing and he chuckled and said that at least we had a nice little scenery. Antawn was nice enough to sign three cards for me, a card for my dad, and took a photo with me as well (as seen above).

          Overall it was a nice, relaxing signing. I was glad to get the autograph, but I think I am more glad now that I am home. Driving all the way down to San Diego and back up to West Covina can take a lot out of you, and it makes it a tougher drive when you miss out on the one main guy you wanted. On top of that I was battling the flu this week, so I was tired from that as well. I'm not sure whether I will sleep in tomorrow, or decide to graph some more, but I will let that play itself out. I would like to thank Antawn Jamison for signing as well as the Walmart West Covina staff for putting on the event. I would also like to thank Nick Hundley, Fernando Cortez and all the other athletes that showed up for the Super Fest event. It would of been a really fun event had I not been there strictly for autographs. As for Dodgers Fan Fest, well, you can read about on David's blog. He, as well as many of the other graphers, absolutely scored and furthermore proved my decision to be a bad one. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Super Fail at Super Fest

          I decided to avoid the Dodgers Fan Fest and instead drive all the way down to San Diego for Super Fest 2013. The event was scheduled to feature San Diego native and former Padre, Adrian Gonzalez, as well as quite a few other athletes. I actually had a gut instinct the night before that I should go to Fan Fest instead, but decided to avoid it after hearing that my friend Scotty got Gonzalez and a bunch of other guys at this event the year before. This was a bad mistake on my part.
          I woke up just past five and lugged myself out of bed after staying up late the night before. Finally, around six I began the drive out to San Diego. Luckily my family and I didn't hit too much rain on the way, and it looked as if things were on our side early on. The event was held at the Point Loma Nazarine University, which has one of the nicest campuses in Southern California. I got to the university around 8:30 and began scouting out where everything was going to be held. The campus was huge, but luckily the event was held in a small proximity. I then met my friend Scotty and went inside the gymnasium. We were then told that Heath Bell was "in the house" which got me even more excited since I brought an extra baseball and 2011 all-star baseball just in case he showed up. Unfortunately Heath was only "in the house" for about 20 minutes, and left before they even introduced any of the players. That was strike one. The athletes were then introduced to the crowd and began doing some games on the floor for about an hour. It was entertaining, but my focus was on getting Adrian Gonzalez's autograph. About an hour and a half into the event I saw Adrian get up with security and head towards a door. I figured that he was going over to a different area to greet some people or maybe sign autographs for a raffle prize, but decided to follow behind him just in case. However I was a bit late and by the time I got outside, he was gone, not into a separate room to sign autographs or anything, but GONE. Apparently he had a wedding to attend to in Arizona, but he was scheduled to be at the event until two. Had I known he would of left so early, I would of asked before or waited out where the exit was for him, but no, it was too late, and my two hour drive to San Diego was practically a waist. That was strike two.

          I had to make sure I wouldn't leave empty-handed. At lunch time the staff let the players interact and sign autographs with fans. I was able to get Nick Hundley on all seven of my cards as well as Fernando Cortez on one card. Thanks to Scotty for giving me the Cortez card.

          The third and final strike came when I saw Shawne Merriman. Merriman had a signing last weekend at the L.A. Fit Expo. My intention was to go to the Marcel Dione signing that morning and get Merriman later that afternoon, however my plans were changed when I found out about the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, which I decided to attend instead. Back to Super Fest, Merriman was a surprise guest and wasn't on the list of players expected to appear, so I didn't come prepared with anything for him. However I brought my official NFL Football in the car just in case of somebody like Merriman showed up, or so I thought. Apparently I left my football back at my house, I guess the five hours of sleep got to me in the morning. That was strike three and I immediately left the event in hopes of getting better results at the Antawn Jamison signing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at the Home Depot Center

          It was yet another busy graphing weekend in Southern California. Between the Olden Polynice signing, the Marcel Dionne signing before the Kings game, the L.A. Fit Expo, and the WWE Show in Ontario the graphing community was very spread out. However me and my friend David, from David's Autograph Signings, decided to attend the more low key NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at the Home Depot Center. While the actual roster was a bit of a disappointment, the coaching staffs were full of legends such as Art Monk, Darrel Green, Isaac Bruce and Dick Vermeil. This was a gold mine for me and David considering the lack of football signings here in SoCal.

          I got to the Home Depot Center around 12:40 and met up with David, who had been waiting for the coaches already. We set up just outside the front entrance and began to keep our eyes out for some of the coaches. The first pair of coaches to walk in were Hall of Famers Darrel Green and Art Monk. Both Green and Monk were two guys that I really wanted, however both of them completely blew us off and Monk even told us that he doesn't sign memorabilia. I really didn't see a good reason why they would blow us off. There were only five graphers and only me and David actually approached the two, honestly, looking back, I can't say whether I was more upset at them for blowing us off or more disappointed that the day had started off like that. Luckily Andre Reed helped cheer the spirits up. He walked up about five minutes later and signed for all of us. Reed was nice enough to sign my Buffalo Bills mini helmet as well as take a photograph with me.

          I really wish that Andre would've made it into the Hall of Fame. The guy has more receiving yards than half of the wide receivers already in "The Hall". In my opinion the only reason why he never got in was probably due to the fact that he never won a Super Bowl. Anyways the next player to walk in was Isaac Bruce. As you can see in my photo with Andre above, I was sporting my throwback Joe Montana jersey. If you've met me before you'll know that I'm a huge 49ers fan and have proudly represented the team through some of it's worst years. One guy on the team that I specifically remember was Bruce. I don't know why but he was my favorite wide receiver in his two years with the club. The funny thing was that as I was about to approach him he saw me and said, "Nope, you're a 49ers fan, don't even bother" or something along those lines. David and the other three graphers all went up to him and got the autograph, so I figured that I'd try. When I asked Bruce he said, "Joe Montana? What's up with that? I'm a Ram." I replied with, "Yeah, but I was alive when you played with the 49ers!". I still can't tell if he was serious or if he was just joking around, but either was he signed my 49ers mini helmet for me and an official NFL football my father.

          Bruce was the last coach to walk in pre-game so David and I went back to our cars, put our signed stuff away, and went inside the stadium. When we got inside the stadium both teams were on the field warming up. We headed down to our seats which were first row just to the left of the fifty yard line. Unfortunately there was no graphing going on inside, and the only person that signed was Coach Vermeil, who signed in a completely different area than where we were. The lack of graphing did however allow me to take some photos of the stadium itself and from our seats.

          Around the second quarter I started looking on Twitter and saw tweets that DeSean Jackson and Eric Decker were both in attendance as well as some other NFL players. I had come prepared with an Eagles mini helmet in case Jackson was there and had an extra Broncos mini helmet since Terrel Davis didn't show up. Unfortunately we found out that Jackson had left a few minutes ago and we had no luck finding Decker. I then looked back at my phone and saw some Twitter alerts. I found out that I had one the grand prize from Pannini America from a contest that I had entered earlier in the day. We went over to the Pannini suite and I was given my prize. I got a white paneled football signed by Herm Edwards and Dick Vermeil, the two coaches, a box of Pannini Black cards (Retails for insane amount of money), a ton of NFL sticker cards, and a bag with a Collegiate Bowl sweatshirt, polo shirt and tee-shirt.

          Not only did I get all these awesome things, but I also got some key information from one of the Pannini representative's that all the NFL players were hanging out a suite about 100 feet down from the one we were in. We walked over to the suite and immediately saw Eric Decker, the guy we had been looking for earlier. Both David and I were able to get Decker as he left the suite.


          We also saw T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the suite. Unfortunately I didn't have anything for him to sign, so I just got a quick photograph with him.

          That was pretty much it for autographs. We attempted to get autographs after the game at the same spot that we graphed pre-game. However the only guy to sign was Priest Holmes. David was able to get Homes on his Chiefs mini helmet, however I did not have anything for him so I didn't bother. No sign of Monk or Green, which was a bit of a disappointment since David and I were hoping that they would sign for us this time around, but overall it was a good day. On top of getting the autographs I won some sick items and a box of cards that I would never buy for myself. I would like to thank David, who tagged along with me today. I would also like to thank everybody that helped put on the event as well as some of the players for being cool and signing. Now it's time to rest up for next weekend, which will probably be the busiest autographing weekend in over two years. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!  

Mike Brown at Mater Dei High School

          On Friday evening I decided to head out to Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana for one of their men's basketball games. My main goal of the trip was to get former outfielder Darryl Strawberry. Darryl's son plays on the basketball team at Mater Dei and apparently he attended quite a few of his son's games last season. However I was bummed to hear from security and employees that Darryl doesn't attend many, if any, of the games anymore since he now lives on the east coast. I didn't get completely shut out though. I was able to get former Lakers and Cavaliers coach Mike Brown, who was on hand to watch his son play as well. Since I didn't come prepared with any stuff for Coach Brown, I just had him sign one of my ROMLB that I had on me. I asked coach if he would put "08-09 Coach of the Year", but he told me that he didn't like putting that kind of stuff. I really couldn't complain, Coach Brown was extremely nice and even was nice when he denied me. Also it ensured that I wouldn't get shut out, so overall I was pleased that the trip down to Santa Ana and my Friday night wasn't entirely wasted. On a side note the Mater Dei basketball team is very good and the school has a beautiful arena. The game went into double overtime and to be honest, I had a great time watching the game despite my lack of knowledge about the team or it's opponent. I really recommend going to one of their games, especially if you live down by the school. I would like to give a shout out to my friends Jose, Moe, Tyler and Scotty who were all on hand trying to get Darryl as well. Thanks for reading!  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tommy Lasorda at Skechers Fullerton

          I received a last minute tip from my friend Larry that Dodger legend and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda would be signing autographs at the Skechers outlet store in Fullerton on Thursday. At first I was a bit skeptical about going, most Dodger signings turn out to be chaotic and really not worth the hassle of dealing with the huge crowds, on top of that I had school and wouldn't be able to get to the signing until three at earliest, but after weighing in all my options, I decided to head out and try my luck. Fortunately, the signing wasn't very well advertised and most fans weren't notified about it until earlier in the day, this meant a smaller crowd and a greater chance of getting an autograph.

          I got to the store around 3:15 and noticed a small line of about twenty people formed in front of the store. I was a bit surprised by the small turnout at the time, I know the signing wasn't very well advertised but this is one of the most beloved Dodgers of all time and I expected there to be at least 50 people by the time I got there. However I didn't complain and hopped in the back of the line. I then found out that the signing wasn't technically "free" as you had to purchase one item from the store, luckily you could purchase literally anything and still get a receipt. I ended up buying two pairs of socks and a bag of candy all in separate transactions for a total of three receipts. Another thing I found out was that with each receipt you get TWO autographs from Tommy, which is rare considering that I've never seen Tommy do more than one. The wait wasn't terrible at all and the weather was beautiful. I met up with some of my good friends and we all made the three hour wait go by much faster by talking with each other. Around 4:30 the Skechers employees began handing out wristbands to the first 100 people with a receipt in line. There was a tiny bit of confusion at first. There were some people, like me, who bought multiple receipts and were told by employees that each receipt got you two autographs, but apparently that was incorrect and you were only allowed one receipt per person. My mother and another women who was in front of us in line immediately complained saying that they were specifically told that there was no limit of receipts (Which there were). The two Skechers employees both agreed that it was a mistake on their part and ended up giving both my mother and the other women two wristbands, however they did not give anyone else multiple wristbands, so I got lucky.

          Tommy showed up about 15 minutes early and started signing right away. He looked much worse than he did the last time I met him in late November and looked very tired. You have to remember that this guy is 85 years old and has had more strokes and heart problems than I can remember. Tommy at first was giving the handlers a hard time about signing two per person, but eventually got over it and accepted the fact. He was also putting "H-O-F 97" on everything, that was until two people in front of me. Remember that women that I said also got two wristbands? Well apparently when she got up there Tommy wasn't very happy that she put down four items. He signed them all and then turned to his handler and said "I'm only signing my name from now on.". I can't say I was upset at the women because to be honest, I had my mom get two wristbands and was going to have her give him three items, but I was a little disappointed that he stopped right in front of me. I got up to Tommy and he was in good spirits. I asked him if he would  please sign my photographs and Tommy laughed saying, "Well that's what I'm here for aren't I?", I told him that I always find it nice to say please and thank you and Tommy complimented me on my manners. As I began to pick up my photos Tommy got into salesperson mode. He kept telling me that I need to buy some shoes saying that I shouldn't make this the last time I buy Skechers. He literally tried to get me to buy a pair for over a minute. I must admit he was pretty convincing. Then my mom went up and was able to get all three items signed due to her having two wristbands. Tommy was very sweet to her but luckily didn't personalize any of the items like he did last time.

          In the end I was able to come away with a total of five autographs. I got Tommy on my 1981 World Series Celebration 11x14, my 8x10 headshot, my 8x10 of him and Don Mattingly (Who I will add to the photo at Spring Training), my 1988 World Series trophy photo and a ROMLB on the sweetspot. The only thing that would of made things better would have been f Tommy added "H-O-F 97" to the items or even just one. I later found out that Tommy began only doing one per person due to the line barely moving so I considered myself lucky just to get multiples. Overall it was a great event and well worth the three hour wait. I would like to give a shout out to Larry, David A., Moe, Alex, Tyler, Scotty, Scott Cr., Jose and everybody else that I saw today. I would also like to thank the Skechers store for putting on the event as well as Tommy Lasorda for signing. Thanks for reading!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Robin Ventura at SoCal Baseball Expo

          If you read my Black Friday Pick-Ups post you'll probably remember that I picked up three authentic Mitchell and Ness jerseys for 25% off, one of which was a Robin Ventura jersey. At the time my intentions were to get the jersey signed when I go to Spring Training in Arizona later this year, but about two weeks later I found out that Ventura would be signing at the SoCal Baseball Expo. I was really excited to hear the news and couldn't wait to get a high quality signature from Ventura, not the scribble that he sometimes gives at games. About a week or two before the expo I learned that my dad would be leaving to go work for two weeks and that he would be leaving the Sunday that Ventura was scheduled to sign. I knew I had to get my priorities straight. I decided to spend the day with my dad before he had to leave. This meant that I would have to skip the expo. Fortunately my good friend Marc was actually bringing Ventura to the event and was kind enough to get my jersey signed for me. I just got the jersey back today and was thrilled with how it turned out.  As you can see the jersey came out beautiful and Ventura signed it right across the bottom of the "2".

          While I did miss the expo, I was able to get the one guy there that mattered the most to me, so in the end I was more that happy. I'd like to thank Marc for helping me out on this one. He really saved my butt and did me a huge favor by getting this jersey done for me. Now it's just one less thing I have to worry about getting signed at Spring Training. I owe you one Marc! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trinity Bats Home Run Challenge at Mater Dei High School

          On Saturday I decided to head out to the Trinity Bat Co. Home Run Challenge at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana. The event was held in honor of former Mater Dei baseball player Cory Hahn who was involved in a freak accident which paralyzed him from his waist down while playing only his second collegiate game. If you haven't checked out his story yet, I recommend you do so, he is a true inspiration. Anyways this was the second annual challenge and while I didn't attend last year's event, I heard from fellow graphers that it was great and autographs were everywhere. The only downside was that a lot of the scheduled players to attend were no shows, so I was hoping that this year, all of the players would show.

          I arrived at the High School around 11 o'clock and quickly met up with my friends David and Ryan in the parking lot. We headed over to the baseball field where we saw our other friends David, Scotty and Tyler. It was nice seeing the entire graphing community again, there have been signings this offseason, but it's not often when the entire community comes back together at one single event. The first player to walk in was Athletic's first baseman Daric Barton. Barton is one of those players that you don't really know what to expect from, I've seen times when he is really in a good mood and doing everything you have, but I have also seen nights where he completely blows off everybody. Today was really in the middle. Barton signed coming in for about 10 people and said that he would sign later. Luckily I got him before he left on my 2011 Allen and Ginter card. About 20 minutes later Barton sat down at the one autograph table and signed there for about another 30 minutes and both me and my mother were able to get him on a card each.

          Notice the difference between the signature when he was coming (left) in and the one's when he was sitting down (right)? It's actually pretty funny comparing the two since the only thing that is consistent about the two is the "D" in Daric, besides that they look like two totally different signatures. The next guy to sit down and sign was Angels All-Star Mark Trumbo. Trumbo has become a tough guy to get and has changed a lot since coming into the league as a rookie. Back in 2010 and 2011 Mark was a very nice guy and would always sign without a problem. In 2012 it's been different. He is calling out people left and right, giving people bad signature if they get him a lot, and even yelled at some kids using the "F-bomb" at the Angels parking lot one time. I was a little nervous going up to Trumbo since I have gotten him several times in the past, but he was actually in a good mood. He was mainly talking to the handler next to him but did say "It's my pleasure" and "thanks" when I thanked him and wished him a good day. Trumbo was nice enough to sign my Rawlings Big Stick bat as well as my commemorative Angels 50th Anniversary baseball underneath the logo.

          I know a lot of people like all of their baseball's on the sweetspot, but I personally prefer any of the commemorative balls to be signed under the logo. It gives you the ability to display both the signature and the logo, which is a little tougher to do when on the sweetspot. After Trumbo finished signing the derby began. Since Dodgers legend Steve Garvey wasn't participating in the actually event, he came over and signed some autographs for fans at the autograph booth. Garvey was doing two per person and was inscribing anything you wanted. The first time around I was able to get two 8x10's signed. One was a solo photo of Garvey while the other was my Dodgers World Series trophy photo. I told him how I was trying to get most of the 1981 World Series team and how it was a daunting task. Garvey replied with some words of encouragement and told me that I'll get it done eventually.

          The World Series trophy photo now has Ron Cey, Steve Yeager and Garvey on it. On second trip I was able to get my two cards signed. I was also able to get Garvey on my infield ball as he was walking back to his car. The ball now has Ron Cey and Garvey on it and needs Davey Lopes (Toughest of the four infielders) and Bill Russell.

          The third and final person to sign at the autograph booth was the one and only Cory Hahn. Coming into the event I wasn't sure if Hahn would be able to sign or not. I knew that he was paralyzed from the waist down and he could use his hands, but I wasn't sure if he would be able to grip the pen or not. It took Hahn about two minutes to get the pen in hand but when he did, he started signing away. Since it took him a while to get the pen in place, he just used that one pen on each and every thing he signed, luckily it was a blue Steadler so both cards came out great. I was actually surprised by how nice his signature is considering what he has gone through. I expected it to be a scribble but he had very good hand control and his signature was nicer than most major leagers.

          As for the rest of the participants, they all went onto the field and were hitting bombs. None of them actually sat down at the autograph table, but I was able to get every player that I had an item for either coming in or out. Since there isn't much to say about the players or autographs, I will leave it strictly to photographs and numbers for the day.

Ian Stewart- 3/9
Nick Ramirez- 8/8 (Very nice guy)
Daric Barton- 1/3 1/1 1/1
Trayce Thompson- 2/3
Trayvon Robinson- 1/3 1/1 (Personalized everything)
Matt Hobgood- 5/5 1/1 (8x10) (Probably the nicest athlete I have ever met)
Jiovanni Mier- 1/1
Nolan Arrenado- 2/4 2/2
Steve Garvey- 2/2 2/2 (Two 8x10's) 1/1 (Infield baseball)
David Nick- 3/3
Cole Garner- 3/3
Cory Hahn- 2/2
Tyler Rahmatulla- 2/2
Mark Trumbo- 1/1 (Rawlings Big Stick bat) 1/1 (Angels 50th Anniversary baseball)

          I was also able to get Padres 2012 1st Round Pick Max Fried on a Rawling Official Major League Baseball. He was a surprise guest so I didn't come prepared with any cards, but luckily I was carrying around a couple of extra baseballs in case of a situation like this.

          Since it was such a relaxed atmosphere and every player was so cool, I decided to get as may photo ops with as many players as I could. I ended up getting a photo with Ramirez, Barton, Hobgood, Fried, Arrenado, Garner, Hahn, Brandon Barnes, Cody Decker, Conor Burke, Travis Witherspoon and Jeremy Martinez. I also got a photo with a few minor leaguers (Who I forgot the names of) as well as somebody from the Dodgers organization whom I also forget the name of. If anybody recognizes them, then please tell me in the comments box below.

          Overall it was a great event, possibly even the best event I have ever been to. It was very well organized and gave fans a chance to interact with all of the players. In total I was able to get 41 cards signed which brings my 2013 total to 49 cards, well shy of my 1300 signed cards goal. But as soon as baseball season starts back up pens will be flowing and autographs will be at a premium. I will try and keep you updated on my signed cards total throughout most of my posts this year and once (Or if) I reach my goal I will have a big contest! I would like to give a shout out to David Park, Ryan, Steven, David A., Scotty, Ken Cr., Benson, Tyler, Lawrence, Jose, Chase and everyone else that I saw at the event. I would also like to thank Trinity Bat Co. for putting on this great event for a great cause as well as all the participants for being so kind and signing autographs. Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!