Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Fail at Super Fest

          I decided to avoid the Dodgers Fan Fest and instead drive all the way down to San Diego for Super Fest 2013. The event was scheduled to feature San Diego native and former Padre, Adrian Gonzalez, as well as quite a few other athletes. I actually had a gut instinct the night before that I should go to Fan Fest instead, but decided to avoid it after hearing that my friend Scotty got Gonzalez and a bunch of other guys at this event the year before. This was a bad mistake on my part.
          I woke up just past five and lugged myself out of bed after staying up late the night before. Finally, around six I began the drive out to San Diego. Luckily my family and I didn't hit too much rain on the way, and it looked as if things were on our side early on. The event was held at the Point Loma Nazarine University, which has one of the nicest campuses in Southern California. I got to the university around 8:30 and began scouting out where everything was going to be held. The campus was huge, but luckily the event was held in a small proximity. I then met my friend Scotty and went inside the gymnasium. We were then told that Heath Bell was "in the house" which got me even more excited since I brought an extra baseball and 2011 all-star baseball just in case he showed up. Unfortunately Heath was only "in the house" for about 20 minutes, and left before they even introduced any of the players. That was strike one. The athletes were then introduced to the crowd and began doing some games on the floor for about an hour. It was entertaining, but my focus was on getting Adrian Gonzalez's autograph. About an hour and a half into the event I saw Adrian get up with security and head towards a door. I figured that he was going over to a different area to greet some people or maybe sign autographs for a raffle prize, but decided to follow behind him just in case. However I was a bit late and by the time I got outside, he was gone, not into a separate room to sign autographs or anything, but GONE. Apparently he had a wedding to attend to in Arizona, but he was scheduled to be at the event until two. Had I known he would of left so early, I would of asked before or waited out where the exit was for him, but no, it was too late, and my two hour drive to San Diego was practically a waist. That was strike two.

          I had to make sure I wouldn't leave empty-handed. At lunch time the staff let the players interact and sign autographs with fans. I was able to get Nick Hundley on all seven of my cards as well as Fernando Cortez on one card. Thanks to Scotty for giving me the Cortez card.

          The third and final strike came when I saw Shawne Merriman. Merriman had a signing last weekend at the L.A. Fit Expo. My intention was to go to the Marcel Dione signing that morning and get Merriman later that afternoon, however my plans were changed when I found out about the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, which I decided to attend instead. Back to Super Fest, Merriman was a surprise guest and wasn't on the list of players expected to appear, so I didn't come prepared with anything for him. However I brought my official NFL Football in the car just in case of somebody like Merriman showed up, or so I thought. Apparently I left my football back at my house, I guess the five hours of sleep got to me in the morning. That was strike three and I immediately left the event in hopes of getting better results at the Antawn Jamison signing.


  1. Sorry to hear that Matt. I have a feeling you will make up for it bigtime at Spring Training this year. Sometimes u get days like this when graphing.

    1. It's all good. Unfortunately I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But failure is a major part of this hobby and it's all about how you rebound.

  2. Damm I heard about that year's Superfest, which made it doubtful for me to go this year. But Adrian stayed and did a lot of signing. Maybe next year!