Saturday, February 16, 2013

Darin Erstad at Cal State Fullerton

          On Saturday I decided to head out to Goodwin Field in Fullerton to get former Angel Darin Erstad. Before I get into the details, let me backtrack a bit. Me and my friend David, from David's Autograph Signings, had an early start to our morning as we went out to nearby Ontario for a football camp. Past guests at the camp included Desean Jackson and there were rumors that Hall of Fame tackle Anthony Munoz would be in attendance, however, after about 45 minutes at the camp, we decided to bail and head out to Fullerton.

         Erstad is probably one of the harder members of the 2002 Angels World Series team to obtain an autograph from. It's not that he doesn't sign, it's just that he spends most of his time in Nebraska, mostly due to his duties as head coach of the Nebraska baseball team. Nebraska would be playing a double header against Cal State Fullerton, and the opportunity would be to hard to pass up. The only bad thing about graphing at Goodwin Field was that me and David had no clue where to go to potentially get Erstad. Eventually we found a spot and began waiting.

          The team arrived a bit later than usual, probably due to the fact that they had to play a double header that night. The bus pulled in a different spot, and David and I had to sprint after the bus to catch it. In the process of chasing after the bus we ran past the field where the members of the Cal State Fullerton team were warming up. They began yelling at me and David saying, "Run" and "Go get Erstad! Go get Erstad!". It was actually pretty funny and we all got a good laugh out of it. Anyways, we ended up catching the bus and Erstad was the first to get off, luckily we caught him just in time and he signed for the me, David, and the two other fans waiting for him as well. Coach Erstad was kind enough to sign my ROMLB across the sweetspot as well as my 2003 Angels team composite photo.

          The photo now has Bengie Molina and Erstad on it. I got Bengie's autograph this past season as the Angels commemorated their 2002 World Series team by bringing out almost all of the members. That was actually the first and last time I have encountered Erstad at Angel Stadium. He did sign that night but was swarmed by fans and I missed out, however now I am proudly able to add his autograph to my collection of the 2002 team members. A big shout out to David, who was able to get his authentic Erstad jersey signed today, make sure to check out his recap on his blog once he gets it up. On a side note, my original plans were to be in Arizona for Spring Training this weekend, however, due to the loss of my grandfather this past week, I am leaving Wednesday afternoon instead. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. My grandfather passed away just three years ago so i know the feeling. He was a little league coach for 34 years in Chino Hills. Can't believe i missed you at this event as well. Oh well. Next time. Good luck at spring training! If you could check out my recap thatd be great.

  2. I was at the usc vs Nebraska sunday game and got erstad on a bat and a ball. good job

    1. Nice! Erstad was very nice so it doesn't surprise me that he signed over at USC too.