Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matt Davidson Twitter Contest

          A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest on Twitter for a Matt Davidson signed bat. It was actually the night after I epically failed at SuperFest in San Diego, and I felt a bit down on my luck after making the three hour drive for practically nothing. I was determined to turn my luck around. I saw the contest on Twitter and immediately entered. The 7th person to guess Matt's bat size correctly would win a bat. Matt was actually holding three contests as a celebration of reaching 1,000 followers, but I didn't have to wait long as I ended up winning the first contest with the correct answer of 35".

          Yesterday I finally received the bat and was thrilled. The bat was actually his bat and had his name engraved on the barrel, which is cool since most minor leaguers use generic big stick bats with no name on it like the pros have. Matt was also kind enough to sign the bat and personalized it "To Matt" with the date that he signed it added underneath his signature. Here are a few pictures after I received the bat.

          As you can see the bat was actually game used and has a crack down the handle as well as the dimensions of the bat and the date is way used on the very top written in fine point black Sharpie. The bat itself look like it was just taken from the game, the only thing altered was that Matt wiped off the pine tar from the handle, but there is still some tar found around the "Sam Bat" logo. A big thanks to Matt Davidson for holding the contest. If you are bummed that you missed out, make sure to follow him as he promised that he would hold another bat contest once he reaches 2,500 followers. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! 


  1. Sweet looking bat - you and your mom do great work with your autograph adventures.

    1. Thanks! We try to work as a team, even though all the autographs go to me! Lol