Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lamar Odom at Kia Glendale

          Earlier this week I got word that Lamar Odom would be holding a signing at a Kia dealership in Cerritos. The signing was long overdue as Lamar has been in Los Angeles for the better part of his 13 year career, and I was very excited to see that it would be held in Orange County, not out in L.A. like most of the Clippers or Lakers signings are. However the next day the Clippers tweeted that there was a location change, and that Lamar would be signing at a Kia dealership in Glendale, which is practically in Los Angeles for those of you that aren't familiar with the area. I was sketchy about going since I knew the crowd would be huge. Think of it this way, not only do you just have the growing Clipper fan base, but you have the ever so big Lakers fan base and the Kardashian fan base that would also be in attendance to meet the 2x NBA Champion. Plus I've heard bad stories about this Kia from the past two events that were held there, and my mother wasn't to excited to drive out to a pretty shabby part of Los Angeles. None the less, I headed out to Kia of Glendale early Saturday morning in hopes of meeting Lamar.

          From the moment I got to the dealership it was a mad house. There were only about 30 people in line, but there was absolutely no place to park. The Kia dealership wouldn't let you park in their lots, and it was practically a hole in the wall with a very awkward set up. After about 20, yes 20, minutes of circling around the block trying to find a parking place, we finally found one and met up with my friend David A., who had been in line for about 10 or 20 minutes already. The signing wasn't scheduled until 2:30 so we had a long wait, but time went by fast and before you knew it, the signing was about to begin. However both me and David noticed a continuous trend. When David got there he was about 20th in line, and when I got there I was about 30th in line. We hung out together in his spot and noticed that we kept getting farther and farther back in line. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but this was only a one hour signing and by the time 2:00 rolled around we were literally 90 people back! Now I don't mind if one person comes up and gets in with his buddy at like noon or so, but there were grown men who had their wife and children come up at 1:30 and hop in line with them. I noticed one guy had 13 people hop in line with him, all with a separate item to get signed. Now normally me and David aren't the type to blatantly cut, now maybe we'll go past 5 or 10 people so that we can hang out with each other, but it is rare that we just walk past a ton of people, but we had been waiting for five hours and there was no way we were going to risk not getting our autograph, so we migrated with a couple of friends around 30th in line and nobody really cared.

          Lamar ended up rolling in about 45 minutes late and started signing right away. He was very personable, but had a handler behind him that was a real jerk, so basically it was just one per and a quick "hello, goodbye". Luckily I was one of the few people to ask him for an inscription, and he obliged. Lamar was kind enough to put "2011 6 POY" for his 2011 6th Man of the Year award. However he signed it really weird, and put the inscription on side, which came out really sloppy, and the signature on the other side. Overall I couldn't complain and was still very happy with the photo.

          David and I then walked back to my mother, who was standing in our original spot, to hand her another one of my photos. I had brought three photos and David had brought three cards, so we were obviously hoping that Lamar would sign multiples, which he didn't. We debated on going to the back of the line, but figured that it would be too late, so we started walking back to say hi to another friend that was at the back. While walking back, one of David's friends, who was actually only a few people back from my mom, offered us a spot. David and I felt bad cutting in again, but asked the group behind us if it were okay and they said go ahead. About ten minutes later we were back inside the building getting another autograph. Lamar recognized us but was cool and didn't call us out, he just signed our items and moved on to the next person. Again I was able to get an 8x10 signed by Lamar.

          I gave Lamar my Silver Deco in hopes that he would sign over the black part below the hoop, but instead he signed over the jersey. You could tell that Lamar wasn't really paying attention to where he was signing things, he just grabbed the item and scribbled "LOd7". I went back outside to find my mother waiting with my final 8x10.

          I think her's came out the best, probably because she sweet talked Lamar for a second. Overall it was a good day. I heard a rumor that Lamar might be doing another signing at this Kia, but the person saying it didn't seem to be a total trust worthy person. All I can say is, if Lamar is going to hold another signing, I can't say if I will go or not. The dealership had a terrible set up and it was a terrible place to be walking two blocks with three signed Lamar Odom photos. A big thanks to Lamar for coming out and signing. Also, a big shout out to Ryan, David A., Larry, Spencer, George, Willie, Jose, Kevin, Eddie, and everybody else that I saw at the signing. Thanks for reading!


  1. That bottom photo is sweet... love how LO stands out over the B&W background. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks, I'm a big fan of the photo too. I really like how the red pops out as well over the B&W background.