Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nebraska vs. Cal State Fullerton Baseball Game

          It didn't take me long to get back into some Cali graphing as I decided to head out to Goodwin Field in Fullerton on Wednesday night for the Nebraska vs. Cal State Fullerton baseball game. The main reason I made the trip out to Fullerton was for Nebraska's head coach and former Angel legend Darin Erstad. I had already gotten Erstad's autograph once this year when Nebraska came to Fullerton last month, however I was hoping to get a few cards signed by the former World Series Champion as well as get a some autographs from 2013 draft prospect Michael Lorenzen and one of CSF's new coaches, Shane Costa. In the end I was able to obtain autographs from all three of them in about 45 minutes. Erstad was kind enough to do four out of eight cards while both Lorenzen and Costa were kind enough to do everything that I had brought for them. I just took some quick photographs so my apologizes if the quality of the pictures aren't great.

          You could tell that Erstad was a bit annoyed with people asking for autographs, but he was still kind enough to sign, and in the end that's really all that matters. I think Erstad's greeting may have been worn out the first time he came down. I know some graphers were double and even triple dipping him, handing him a ton of items, and asking for autographs an in-opportune times, so I think this time he was less friendly about signing. A big thanks to Darin, Michael and Shane for signing and making the short trip to the ballpark worth it! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!           


  1. he great job on the erstad items. I want to get my darin erstad gold glove bobblehead signed any help or tips? thanks

    1. Thanks! There really isn't anything different or anything you HAVE to know in order to get his autograph. Just get to the game for BP, work your way by the dugout. I haven't seen him turn down an autograph in my two trips.

    2. awesome ill do a little research of when he is in town but he is coaching for nebraska correct??