Saturday, April 6, 2013

Modesto Nuts vs. Inland Empire 66ers Game

          On Saturday evening I decided to head out to San Manuel Stadium in near-by San Bernandino to catch the Modesto Nuts vs. Inland Empire 66ers game. Unlike the last two minor league games that I attended, there were no big league players on a rehab assignment, instead my main goal was to get Rockies' top prospects Trevor Story (#2 prospect in organization) and Tyler Anderson (#6 prospect in organization) as well as some other guys that I brought cards for. Overall it was a major sucess, I was able to get both Story and Anderson, as well as almost everybody else that I had brought cards along for. Since I got so many autographs, I'll leave it strictly to photos and numbers.

Scott Oberg- 8/8
Trevor Story- 8/8
Tyler Massey- 9/9
Tyler Gagnon- 6/6
Tyler Anderson- 1/8 (told me the bus was waiting on him)
Brian Humphries- 4/4
David Kandalis- 4/4
Harold Riggins- 6/6
Ryan Casteel- 4/4
Ben Alsup- 3/3 (starting pitcher)
Chad Cordero- 1/1 
Dave Burba- 4/4
Len Sakata- 7/7

Total: 65 autographs

          Overall it was a great night of graphing. I absolutely love graphing at California League games since there are no big crowds what-so-ever and all of the players are super friendly about signing autographs and hanging out with the fans. It's practically like a Spring Training atmosphere. A big thanks to the members of the Modesto Nuts and Inland Empire 66ers who were kind enough to sign for me. Thanks for reading!

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