Friday, April 5, 2013

Ted Lilly Rehab Start with Rancho Cucamonga Quakes

          For the second straight day I made the short trip out to the Epicenter in Rancho Cucamonga. On Thursday I attended to Quakes game and was able to get Chad Billingsley, who was rehabbing, and also Don Mattingly, who was a surprise guest. This time I went for 2x All-Star pitcher Ted Lilly, who was making a rehab appearance as well. I didn't need any of the Quakes or Storm players, so I arrived after the third inning in hopes of getting Lilly as he was leaving. Ted was only scheduled to throw somewhere around 4 innings and 75 pitches, but he ended up going a total of 6 innings with about 80 pitches. Meanwhile, to kill off some time, I took a seat down the third base side where I snapped this poor quality picture of Lilly getting ready to pitch.

          Obviously there was no sign of Mattingly tonight. Don was only there on Thursday since the Dodgers had an off day and weren't traveling anywhere, but on Friday the Dodgers were back in action against the Pirates. Lilly ended up coming out just moments after the game ended. He wasn't overly friendly or talkative, but he was kind enough to sign one item for every person that waited around. I was able to get my 2013 Topps Heritage card signed by him and my mother was also able to get my Dodgers team ball signed. The ball now features Lilly, Billingsley, Mattingly, and Carl Crawford.

          A big thanks to Ted Lilly for stopping and signing, making my short trip plenty worth while. Thanks for reading!

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