Friday, May 17, 2013

Angels vs. White Sox Game 5/17/13

I decided to make the trip to Angel Stadium on Friday night to catch the Chicago White Sox in action. I knew that this would be my only chance at getting the Sox this season since I was going to be in San Diego for the Nationals on Saturday. Luckily, I was able to get most of the White Sox during my second trip to Spring Training, so I wasn't too worried about missing out on the south-siders.

The first player to sign during BP was one of my good buddies, Addison Reed. Addison and I happen to share mutual friends, but we have become quite good friends in the process. I was happy to be able to catch back up with him and talk about some Clippers basketball. Addison was kind enough to sign six cards for me (one of which I gave away to a White Sox fan).

A few minutes later, White Sox legend and future HOF'er Paul Konerko began signing over the dugout. I had already gotten Konerko four times in the past two seasons, so I attempted to get a ROMLB signed for my friend Josh, who was coming to the stadium later that night. However, Paul had to go take BP and stopped right before me. I then went a bit farther down the line where I got Brian Omogrosso to sign four cards for me.

Getting Omogrosso's autograph actually made my day. I've been wanting to complete one of the 2013 Heritage "Rookie Stars" cards for a while now, so I was happy to finally finish one. This specific one features Omogrosso and fellow reliever, Duente Heath, who I was able to get at Spring Training

As for the rest of BP, I was able to get Hector Gimenez, Tyler Flowers, and Matt Lindstrom to sign some cards for me.

Once again, I attempted to go for Mike Trout's autograph after he finished up stretching, but this time the ushers blocked off the dugout area all the way up to game time, so my "Trout drought" continued on.

My disappointment quickly went away as I was able to get my friend Ron's ticket in the second row directly behind the White Sox on-deck circle. I left my camera at home so I was unable to take any pictures, but to give you a feel of where I was and how awesome the seats were, I'll just tell you that I had a three minute conversation with Alex Rios as he was on-deck. Pretty cool.

My only real goal for post-game was to get Chris Sale, who started the ballgame. I was able to get Sale's autograph last season, however he darted out of the clubhouse and I had to settle for getting a card signed. Anyways, Sale did walk out the front and signed for mostly everybody, mostly. With about five people left he said that he had to go. I walked with Sale for a few more feet until security said that he wasn't signing anymore. I was disappointed, but I guess I'll have plenty more future chances at getting his autograph.

The only person to sign for me post-game was Jake Peavy, who walked out with Adam Dunn. I was able to get Peavy on a ROMLB across the sweetspot.

Unfortunately, the signature was a quick and rushed one. Peavy had to keep up with Dunn, who was walking quickly, so Jake had to sign my ball while walking, which is not a super easy thing to do. If anybody is interested in the ball, leave a comment below, I'm not asking for too much in return.

Overall it was a decent day. I was happy to be able to talk to Addison again and complete the "Rookie Stars" card, however the best item that I got signed came out rushed. Oh well. Time to move onto San Diego, which should be up in a day or two. Thanks for reading. 

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