Monday, June 3, 2013

Peter Bourjos and Hanley Ramirez Rehab Game 6/3/13

This was one of those rare times where everything just fell perfectly into place for me. Going into the day I had no intentions of doing anything except relax and get ready for the Chicago Cubs, who were coming into town the next day. However, at about 6:00, I began roaming through Twitter and saw that both Peter Bourjos and Hanley Ramirez were scheduled to rehab in Rancho Cucamonga that night. Everything seemed too perfect, I had nothing to do and two big leaguers were ten minutes away from my house, so I grabbed some items, and headed down to the Epicenter.

When I got to the stadium the game was in the third inning, so I watched a couple of innings before heading over to the visitors clubhouse for Peter Bourjos. To my surprise, Peter was already signing by the time I made my way over. Luckily I wasn't too late and was able to get one of my Bourjos bobbleheads signed by the man himself.

I'm usually not a big fan of getting bobbleheads signed, but in this casem it was the only things I had except cards to get signed. I've already gotten Peter on just about every item imaginable, so now I can add "bobblehead" to that list.

After getting Peter I went back to the Quakes clubhouse, where there were about 30 or so fans waiting for Hanley Ramirez. Nobody, including me, thought Hanley was going to sign. The guy had apparently been turning autograph requests down all day, so why would things be any different? Finally, around the eight inning Hanley came out and this was the result.

Two Hanley's. Not bad, especially when you' expecting zero. I was literally in and out of the ballpark in a under two hours, and came out with a three good autographs. That is why I love rehabs. Thanks for reading! 

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