Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Angels vs. Cardinals: 7/2 & 7/4

 First off, I'd like to appologize. Due to my internet being down for the past four days, I am forced to write this recap from my phone, so the quality of this post may not be as good as usual. Anyways, the Cardinals came into town for a three game interleague series beginning on Tuesday. The Cards have always been one of my favorite teams in the majors. I'm not going to go into much detail as of why, but long story short, my first ever Little League team was the Cardinals and the first ever game I actually sat down and watched was game five of the 2006 World Series (which also explains my love for David Eckstein), so I have been looking forward to this series for quite a while.
Game One (7/2/13):
I decided to graph all day on Tuesday in hopes of knocking out a few of my main goals for the series. The day got off to a disappointing start, as I ended up missing Yadier Molina by a matter of minutes. As it turned out, Yadi would not sign for the rest of the series, so I was never able to get my favorite big-league catcher over the course of the series.
The first auto I got came from Adam Wainright. Adam is one of the nicest ballplayers that I've ever met and he was kind enough to sign a ROMLB across the sweet spot for me.
 The next player to sign was Matt Holiday, who signed an official 2011 World Series ball under the logo. I've heard bad things about Holiday before, but in my encounters with him, he seems like a really cool guy.
 Next up was Cardinals' skipper Mike Metheny and pitcher Shelby Miller, who were both kind enough to sign a ROMLB across the sweetspot for me.

As you can see, Shelby gave me a shorter version of his signature. I saw him give out boththe full and short versions throughout the series, so I think it just depended on when and where you got him. Finally, I was able to get some cards signed by Jake Westbrook, Ty Wigginton, Edward Mujica, and Lance Lynn.
Game Two (7/4/13):
After spending the previous day celebrating my mother's birthday, I was back at it for the final game of the series (which happened to be on the fourth of July). My goal was simple, get one or two good autographs, then go up to my seats and enjoy the fourth with my family.
After about 40 minutes, I got that good autograph as David Freese signed over the dugout on his way to hit. David only signed five autographs all day and only about ten autographs the entire series, so I was very fortunate to get the former World Series MVP on an official 2011 World Series ball underneath the logo.
After getting Freese, I decided to go up to my seats and call it a day. After all, I was able to get arguably the best item thing you could of gotten signed, a W.S. ball from the hero of the series.

In the end it was a very successful series. I was able to get autos from a lot of my favorite players, including Wainright, Holiday, and Freese. A shout out to Kyle, David A., Alex, Rob, David Park, Jim, Matt Crocker, and everyone else this series. Thanks for reading!


  1. How packed does sports authority get on black friday

    1. It just depends in what area you're at. If you're in Downtown L.A. then it's obviously going to be more packed that one in Brea. All I can tell you is that you have to be there early (between midnight and 5 a.m.) if you want many good deals.