Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brian Wilson Rehab with Rancho Cucamonga Quakes: 8/7/13

Former Giants closer and World Series champion Brian Wilson was scheduled to play in a rehab assignment for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes this past week. I was under the impression that Wilson would be with the Quakes for at least a week, until he is eligible to come of the disabled list, but either way, I decided to Rancho to hopefully be one of the first to get him.

When I got to the stadium, there were about ten graphers waiting. Thankfully, I picked a good time to get there, and before having to wait too long, Brian rolled up in his Mercedes Benz and began signing. 

Brian's first words were "Oh, so you're all my new fans now?". I told him that I've been a fan of him and his beard for quite a while, and that I drove up to San Francisco a few times to see him and the Giants play. He smiled and said "So you're a classic fan". Brian was really cool and signed for all of people waiting, even cracking a few jokes in the process. He was kind enough to sign my ROMLB across the sweetspot.

I was about the third person that he signed for, and after putting the number "38" on the baseball, he went "Oh yeah, that's not my number anymore". When another grapher asked him what his new number was, he replied "I don't know, double-zero?". The grapher ended up asking him to put that on his mini helmet and indeed he did. In the process, my mother was also able to get a 2011 All-Star baseball signed as well, which does not have any number on it.

Finally, I decided to go back and get my Dodgers team ball signed. I realize that it was a risk since he hasn't actually played on the Dodgers yet, but if he does, it'll be a really cool autograph to have on the ball.

There are only about five open spots left on it, and I'm hoping that it'll be completed by the end of the season.

I decided not to stay for the game despite rumors that Magic Johnson might be attending the game. In the end, Magic did not turn up for the game. Meanwhile, I looked on Twitter and found out that Brian Wilson was done in Rancho, and was moving on to AAA, which surprised a lot of people, so it turned out to be a great idea of going and getting him while I could. Hopefully Brian and his beard will once again be feared by major league hitters like it was during the Giants World Series run back in 2010. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, this is a great site for graphs at RC. Heading out to see Matt Kemp's rehab later this week. Any tips?