Saturday, September 21, 2013

Garrett Richards Signing at OC Dugout: 9/21/13

After a few days of debating, I finally decided to cough up the money and go to the OC Dugout for the Garrett Richards signing on Saturday. Usually, I do not attend paid signings since most of the players are either over-priced or easy to get for free at games, however the Dugout was charging a reasonable $20 for Richards, who has become tougher to get over time. So I decided to spend the money and get a clean, sit-down signature.

Richards wasn't the only Angel signing on Saturday, as the Dugout also had C.J. Wilson, Kole Calhoun, Dane De LaRosa, and Jerome Williams at the store, however Richards was the only one I was interested in paying for. When I got inside the store, we were separated into five lines, with each one containing a different player. The Richards line was one of the shortest, and when I got up to him, he was as nice as could be. I decided to get a ROMLB signed with an inscription, which was an extra $5. The ball ended up coming out great, and Richards was kind enough to add "First MLB Win 6-5-12" on the side of the ball.

On my way out of the store, I realized that I had unknowingly parked next to C.J. Wilson. Here are a couple of photos of his nice ride.

Is it sad that I know all of these guys' cars? Yes. Do I care? No. Like they say, there's a price that comes with being famous.

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