Sunday, September 8, 2013

Howie Kendrick Metro PCS Signing: 9/7/13

Angels second baseman and former American League All-Star Howie Kendrick made an appearance at the Metro PCS store in Fullerton on Saturday afternoon. The signing was not very well advertised by the Angels or Metro PCS, as it was officially announced Wednesday afternoon, leaving little time to inform fans about the event. With that said, I decided to catch up on some sleep and arrive around 10:30, with the signing scheduled to begin about an hour later. Sure enough, it was the right move, as I was 74th in line once I got there.

Kendrick ended up arriving early to the signing, which is always surprising considering that most players barely bother to show up on time, and got to signing right away. The line moved fast and before I knew it, I was next in line to meet Howie. When I got up to him it was a quick and friendly exchange. He basically just said "hi", thanked me for coming out, and then signed my bat. I was also able to get a quick photo with Kendrick before leaving.

My mom was just a couple people behind me, and she was able to get a ROMLB across the sweet spot signed for me.

As you can see, Howie has one of the nicer signatures in baseball, which is one of the reasons why I decided to drop a "premium" item on him. Also, Kendrick has become a lot tougher to get over the years, and now he rarely signs in Anaheim. A big thanks to the Metro PCS store in Fullerton for a quick and easy event, as well as Howie Kendrick for coming out and signing. With autographs in hand, it was time for me to make my way over to Angel Stadium for the Angels 2013 Fiesta.

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