Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marshall Faulk Signing: 10/13/2013

Thanks to a last minute tip, I got word that Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk would be signing autographs in the San Diego area on Saturday afternoon, along with San Diego Chargers' Manti Te'o and Larry English. The signing was part of the ESPN Monday Night Football tour, which travels across America bringing out former and current NFL players to sign autograph and meet fans prior to the big game. Even though I received word of the signing at the last minute, I was still able to make time and head down to San Diego.

I arrived at the event about an hour before Faulk was scheduled to begin signing, and to my surprise there were only about 60 people in line. It's always surprising to me whenever there's a low turn-out at a free signing, but I guess the long drive and rumors of no outside items kept a majority of the LA graphers away. To receive an autograph, you had to obtain an autograph voucher by test driving a GMC vehicle on spot. Luckily, the test drive was only a few minutes, and I was able to get in line quickly.

As expected, Faulk showed up at 12:30 and began signing. There was a strict one autograph per-person policy, but to my relief, they were allowing Faulk to sign outside items. Marshall blew through the line very quickly and before I knew it, I had gotten my Official NFL football signed by the legendary running back.

I also had a second voucher, so I decided to get one of the stock photos signed by Faulk as well. Surprisingly, the photos were very nice quality and had no advertisement on them either.

I wouldn't say Marshall was overly talkative, but it's hard to complain since he ended up signing outside items, which is apparently rare of him to do.

The next signer was Chargers' rookie Monte Te'o, who was also rumored to be not signing outside items. After seeing Faulk sign them, I figured there would be no reason for Te'o not to, however we were told a few minutes prior to the signing that he would indeed only be signing the stock photos. That was a bit of a disappointment, but luckily Te'o made up for it by being very friendly and taking photographs with everyone.

As you can see, unlike the photos provided for Faulk, these 8x10's had a GMC logo on the bottom right corner, which made them less than ideal for autographs.

The final signer on the day was former first round pick, Larry English. Originally, I had planned to skip English and get an early start home, however, I had an extra Chargers mini-helmet that I was unable to get Te'o on, so I decided to stick around for another 30 minutes or so and wait for English. There were only about 20 fans left in line for English, so he had no problem taking his time and chatting with each fan.

I was also able to get a pair of stock photos signed by English, which do not have an advertisement logo on them, as well as a photo with him.

I really hope that Larry can avoid the injuries that have plagued him so far and live up to his one-time high potential.

Overall, the day could not of gone smoother. I always enjoy signings down in the San Diego area, as they are always more kicked back and attract a lot less people than signings do in the Los Angeles area. A big thanks to GMC and ESPN Monday Night Football for putting on a great event, as well as Marshall Faulk, Manti Te'o, and Larry English for signing. Finally, a shout of to Paul, Daniel, Robin, and all of the other graphers who showed up to the event. As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Nice pickups! I'm going to the Chicago event when it comes to town. How many times did you need to test drive to get autograph vouchers for all 3 of the guests? BTW, great blog!

    1. Thanks Jon. For every voucher you get, it guarantees you one autograph. So you have to do at least three test drives to get three vouchers, which ensures you three autographs. The same goes if you test drive two cars, you get two vouchers and so on. Good luck!