Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dale Murphy Signing at the OC Dugout: 10/7/13

Braves legend and former NL MVP winner Dale Murphy made an appearance at the OC Dugout on Thursday, November 7th. The event was one of the rare paid signings that I've attended, but since Murphy rarely makes appearances in Southern California I decided to cough up the money.

With the signing scheduled to start at 5:00, I arrived a few minutes early and picked up my tickets for the event before hopping in line. To my surprise there were only about six or seven people in front of me, but from what I heard a majority of the people showed up later in the night. Murphy arrived a few minutes late but apologized on his way in, saying that "the traffic is worse here than it is in Utah", which got a few laughs. I decided to get a bat and a ROMLB signed, both with "NL MVP 82, 83" on them. Murphy was very personable and signed both items beautifully, and also took a photo with me (as seen above).

Overall it was another great event put on by the OC Dugout. I've stated this before, but I love attending paid signings, and I hope to attend a few more in the future. A big thanks to the OC Dugout and Dale Murphy for the great event.

P.S.- Lakers' guard Xavier Henry will be signing autographs next Saturday, November 16th at Harry's Dugout. While I won't be attending the event, I highly encourage any Laker fans to make it out. Prices and more info are on the flyer below.

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  1. Wow... that silver ink on the black bat is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks. I used a PRISMA COLOR paint marker on it. It was my first time using that pen on a bat so I was a bit nervous, but in the end it came out great.

  2. Murphy was one of my favorite players when I was growing up! I've got him ttm, but I would love to meet him.