Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year In Review

The year 2014 has nearly come and gone, and to say it was a total blur would be an understatement. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was looking back at the time that I met baseball legends Bob Gibson and Lou Brock, and it took me several minutes to finally realize that it had been over a year since that day had occurred. None the less, 2014 has been a monumental year for me in many ways. From a collector's point of view, it has been amazing watching my collection grow immensley, especially over the past several months. From a writer's point of view, I'm almost embarrassed looking back at some of my posts from 2012, when I first started this blog. I then have to remind myself that I was much younger when I wrote my first ever blog post, and many things have changed since that time

I decided to skip all of the drama of a "Biggest jerks" list and/or a "Nicest Guys" list for the first time this year. I'm really not in the mood to write six to eight paragraphs explaining why each player is deserving of being on either list. Also, everybody has their own opinion about which athletes are nice and which are, let's just say, not so nice. The odds are that nothing I would've said would have changed your mind, so why bother? To be blunt, I've heard more players curse and deny me than I can count, so to single out a few wouldn't make much of a difference.

With that being said, I will, however, expand my favorite autographs list from my top ten to my top fifteen. After all this is an autograph blog, and I think a majority of my readers would rather see pictures of autographs rather than read about my personal encounters. So without further ado, my top fifteen autographs of 2014:

15. Ryan Kesler

Ryan Kesler autographed jersey
While Ryan Kesler may not be one of the biggest names that I got to signed in 2014, he is certainly one of my favorites. Here's why: I have become hockey crazy over the past few years. It has quickly gone from a sport that I would watch on the side to my favorite sport to watch, by far. So to land an autograph of Kesler, one of the team's best players, on one of the Ducks' brand new road jerseys was big for me. Also, Kesler his full signature without paying for it, so to have one on a Ducks jersey is definitely a big deal.

14. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu autographed baseball
It's not hard to tell why Jose Abreu made his debut on my list in his first season of Major League Baseball. Abreu hit for a .317 average with a whopping 36 home runs and 107 RBI while appearing in his first All-Star Game and winning the AL Rookie of the Year award. After missing out on the Abreu action at Spring Training, I was lucky enough to get him during the regular season when the White Sox came to Anaheim. I have very high hopes for him, and that is why he cracks my top fifteen.

13. Bob Miller

Bob Miller autographed puck
Bob Miller is one of my most recent, and favorite, in person autographs of 2014. Miller is essentially the Vin Scully of hockey, except for the fact that he is much more obliging when it comes to autographs than Vin. Also, it doesn't hurt that both pucks came out beautifully with "HOF 2000".

12. Harmon Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew autographed baseball
I had an opportunity to meet Harmon Killebrew back at All-Star Fan Fest in 2010, but instead chose to meet Rollie Fingers. Of course that was well before I got serious about collecting, and I had no idea at the time that Killerbrew would pass away not long after. But like any grapher would, I look back at that day and wish I had taken the opportunity to meet him. With that said, I had the chance to buy this beautiful Killebrew baseball for an unbeatable price earlier this year, and I wasn't going to let it slip through my fingers this time.

11. Ralph Kiner

Ralph Kiner autographed baseball
Unlike Killebrew, I never had an opportunity to meet on of baseball's longest living Hall of Famers. About a week after his passing I was able to find this 'beaut and picked it up off Ebay for a great deal. The ball is graded a 9 by PSA but the signature is a perfect 10. My only complaint is that the seams of the baseball aren't centered (Why Rawlings, why?) but I'm still very happy to own it. So happy, in fact, that it cracked my top fifteen list.

10. Ryan Getzlaf

Ryan Getzlaf autographed puck
This is the third and final hockey item on this list, so for all of you non-hockey lovers, I promise that it's over. It happens to come from 2x Gold medalist, 2007 Stanley Cup champion, and Ducks' captain Ryan Getzlaf. Getzlaf is one of my favorite players in hockey and likely a future HOFer. He is also someone who I have many autographs of, however, inscriptions are hard to come by when it comes in Getzy. I've only seen a handful online and had never asked for any in person, so I decided to pay at one of his only autograph signings ever in So-Cal. The puck turned out beautiful and much better than those I've seen signed at practice, so it's an easy pick for #10.

9. Rod Carew

Rod Carew autographed baseball
I was able to get this Rod Carew autographed baseball before a Twins vs. Angels game in June. Ironically, I was able to get Hall of Fame member Paul Molitor just moments later, which is still one of the best days of graphing that I've ever had. Not only was I excited to land two HOFers in one day, but I was also excited to get my first ever Carew baseball with "HOF 91" inscribed. Of course it didn't come at any of the five autographs signings that I've attended, but rather outside of Angel Stadium hours before the gates even opened. Go figure.

8. Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg autographed baseball
"Ryne, not Ryan" I had to remind myself when writing this. Anyways, Sandberg is one of the greatest defensive players in baseball history, which is one of the main reasons he was inducted in to the Hall of Fame in 2005. I had been waiting a good year and a half for the Phillies to come to Anaheim after Sandberg was named the manager of the Phils, and I was more than pleased when I was able to get my Gold Glove baseball signed before the final game of a 2 game series. To top things off, Ryno inscribed "9x G.G.'s" without me even asking. That's a true class act and someone who takes pride in their illustrious career.

7. Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith autographed 11x14
One of the few things that I wished I would've done differently in 2014 is add more football autographs. I had many great opportunities throughout the year, but passed over most of them to get baseball autographs instead. That's never more apparent than now, as Smith is the only football autograph on my top fifteen list. Luckily it's a pretty darn good autograph to get, and I'll be sending it off to the frame shop shortly. But hopefully 2015 will be a better year for my football collection.

6. Don Sutton

Don Sutton autographed baseball
There are many reasons why Don Sutton cracked the list for best autographs of 2014. First of all, he is one of the best pitchers in baseball history, and his 324 wins backs that up. Second of all, he is one of the nicest guys I've met, and he would have likely cracked my "Nicest Guys of 2014" list had I made one. Regardless, this HOF ball came out absolutely great with two inscriptions and is one of my favorite balls in my collection.

5. Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano autographed jersey
It would probably be unfair for me to write a recap of 2014 and leave out arguably my biggest free IP success of the season, this Robinson Cano autographed jersey. I was able to score Cano at Mariners camp this Spring Training, and what makes it even more special is that my friend Kyle and I, who had made the trip to Arizona together, were the only two people around when Cano signed for us. It would be my first of five autographs from Cano this year after getting zero in previous years, and looking back I realized that I forgot to post this 2011 HR Derby baseball that I got back from a signing in Seattle.

Robinson Cano autographed baseball
I was utterly shocked when I saw that I had never posted it, and considering it's one of my favorites (mainly because I was at the Derby in 2011) from 2014, I figured there would be no better time to post it than now. Also, I did not want to take up two spots for the same guy.

4. David Eckstein

David Eckstein autographed baseball
While Cano was probably my biggest free IP success of 2014, my favorite was David Eckstein, and since this is a list of my favorite autographs of 2014, it wasn't hard for me to put the X-Factor at number three. Everybody has their childhood hero, and for me it was no other than Eckstein. I've only had a few chances to get his autograph in the past, so you could imagine how happy I was when I was able to get him on a 2006 World Series ball that I had been carrying around for nearly two years.

3. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin autographed shoes
Needless to say that Blake Griffin is my favorite player in the NBA. It's not often that I get basketball autographs, but when OC Dugout announced that they'd have Blake in for an autograph signing, I knew I had to go. Had I just gotten a boring old photo or a basketball signed by him, it likely wouldn't rank this high, but these Nike Hyperdunks are a thing of beauty and an item that you don't see signed everyday. I'm very happy with the way they turned out and happy to add a rare NBA autograph to my collection.

2. Mike Trout

Mike Trout autographed bat
Now here is where we get to the really good stuff, 2014 AL MVP and the best player in baseball, Mike Trout, autographed Old Hickory game model bat. It's a lot to take in, but once it sinks in it's clear why this is my second favorite autograph of 2014. I've been telling myself for a while that I wouldn't pay for Trout's autograph until he won his first MVP, so that I could be one of the first people to have an MVP inscribed item. After two years of waiting, the time finally came and I couldn't be any more pleased with the final result.

1. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds autographed jersey
Barry Bonds autographed bat
It was a complete toss-up between number's one and two, but what ultimately made me choose Bonds over Trout was the sheer fact that I was able to meet Bonds and watch him sign my items. Had I been there to see trout sign my bat, it likely would've been #1 on my list. I know I'm going to hear people say that I shouldn't put him as #1 because he cheated, but there's no argument that Bonds was one of the greatest players in the modern day era, and there may not have been a player more dominant in the history of the game than Bonds was. So let everyone say what they want to say, but ultimately Barry Bonds was my favorite autograph(s) of 2014.


In review, my favorite free IP autograph was of David Eckstein, my favorite purchased item was my Mike Trout Old Hickory bat, and my favorite autograph of the entire year was from Barry Bonds. I tried organizing the list by taking three things in to consideration:

1. The value of the item signed.
2. How the autographed turned out (legibility, how the pen worked, etc.).
3. How much I like the player.

I think I did a fairly good job of organizing it 1-15, but please comment if you think that one item should be ranked higher or lower. I always enjoy hearing other collector's opinions. As for my goals to 2014, here they were:

1. Add at least ten more baseball Hall of Fame members to my collection
Success! (11/10) Paul Molitor, Harmon Killebrew, Ralph Kiner, Orlando Cepeda, Pat Gillick, Tony LaRussa, Rod Carew, Ryne Sandberg, Jim Palmer, Don Sutton, and Carlton Fisk.

2. Add 5 MVP winners AND 5 CY Young Winners to my collection 
MVP's: (12/5) Rod Carew, Ryne Sandberg, Orlando Cepeda, Don Newcombe, Kirk Gibson, Joey Votto, Ryan Braun, Orel Hershiser, Josh Hamilton, Jimmy Rollins, and Barry Bonds, Mike Trout.
Cy Young (5/5): Orel Hershiser, Jim Palmer, Clayton Kershaw, Bret Saberhagen, and Don Newcombe. 

3. Get at least four jerseys signed by star players and/or Hall of Fame members
Success! (6/4) Robinson Cano, Ryan Kesler, Matt Williams, Josh Hamilton, Barry Bonds, and Sidney Crosby

A huge thanks to everyone who has read this blog over the years. 2015 will be my third full year of writing and I hope that I've done a decent job of keeping you all entertained over that stretch of time. As always, a big thanks to Mike Lee, Benson, Lori, Daniel, Scotty, Scott Sr, David A, Amber, Joe Chon, Jeremy, Moe, Robert, Jacob H, Victor, Josh (Dodgerbobble), George, Greg, Franz, Mical, Tyler, Spencer, Larry, Josh L, Clint, Jose, Eddie, Marc, and Anthony, and an extra special thanks to Alex and Rob G, Ryan, Kyle, David P, and Matt Crocker. Thanks for reading and happy New Year! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End Of The Year Pick-Ups

Over the past month or so I've had the opportunity to add quite a few nice items to my collection. Between my Birthday and Christmas, I've had a few extra dollars to spend and put them to good use.

One of the first items I bought after my birthday was this Carlton Fisk signed baseball with "HOF 2000" and Steiner authentication. I was able to get the ball through Steiner's Black Friday sale and after using an old gift card with some leftover bucks, my total came out to a whopping $4.79.

Carlton Fisk autographed baseball
Another baseball that I was able to pick-up is signed by former NBA legend and current LA Dodgers' owner Ervin "Magic" Johnson. I've always wanted to add a Magic ball to my collection and got lucky when one of my friends recently held a private autograph signing with him. I gave him a couple of baseballs to get signed and got them back a few weeks ago.

Ervin "Magic" Johnson autographed baseball
I was also able to purchase this Sidney Crosby 2014 Canada jersey. Crosby is undoubtedly the best player in hockey right now and one of my favorite players. He was the captain of Canada's Olympic team in 2014 that won Gold and is a two time league MVP and a Stanley Cup champion. Needless to say that this is the centerpiece of my Team Canada collection.

Sidney Crosby autographed jersey
Continuing with the hockey theme, I was able to get this 2003 NHL Draft puck signed by Corey Perry. It is inscribed "28th Pick" as well as "61", which I found very cool since that was the number Perry wore when he was drafted and first called-up. Much like Crosby, Perry was a 2014 Gold medalist, a former league MVP, and a Stanley Cup champion.

Corey Perry autographed puck
The final, and best, autograph I picked-up is from 2014 AL MVP Mike Trout. As an Angel fan, I have the opportunity to watch Trout play almost every day, which makes me appreciate his game even that much more. I have gotten Trout's autograph in person numerous times, but have always wanted an Old Hickory game model bat signed. Instead of paying $120 for the bat and lugging it around the stadium for months, I decided to send in to his most recent signing and get one signed with "14 ASG MVP" and "14 AL MVP", as well as MLB Authentication.

Mike Trout autographed bat
The bat is one of my favorite pieces in my collection and will go nicely next to my Barry Bonds game model bat that I got signed a few months ago. Don't be surprised if you see both of them make a re-appearance in my best of 2014 list coming soon. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jim Fox and Bob Miller: 14/19/14

Former LA Kings player Jim Fox and Hall of Fame announcer Bob Miller were scheduled to sign autographs at US Bank in Downtown Los Angeles. The signing was in the middle of the day on a Friday, which was kind of an awkward time to host an event. Lucky for me I had an early day from school which allowed me to make the trip to LA.

I got to the bank a little over an hour before the signing was supposed to start. To my surprise there were only eight people ahead of me, so I was able to grab a spot near the very front of the line. Both Miller and Fox showed up early but, of course, the staff made them wait until exactly 2:30 to start signing. Miller and Fox were extremely nice and took a couple of minutes to talk to everyone. As it turns out, my cousin played on the same line as Fox during his time with the Kings, so we all spent a good amount of time talking about him. I didn't come prepared with any items for Fox to sign, but luckily my friend Larry had an extra bobblehead that he sold to me.

Jim Fox autographed bobblehead
I came much more prepared for Miller, however, and got two pucks signed both with "HOF 2000".

Bob Miller autographed puck #1
Bob Miller autographed puck #2
I also got this nice 8x10 signed with "2 Time Stanley Cup Champs" as well as a photo with both of them.

Bob Miller autographed 8x10
Bob Miller, Jim Fox, and I
Overall it was a great event, and one of my favorite signings that I've attended all year. I was able to get some easy autographs and, oh yeah, some free pizza too which didn't hurt the cause. This will likely be my last post until my 2014 recap, so until then, thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brandon Barnes Whiffleball Invitational: 12/14/14

On Sunday, December 14th, Rockies OF Brandon Barnes held his 2nd Annual Barnyard Whiffleball Invitational. The event only required a small donation to charity and featured some pretty decent MLB names. I decided to make the trip to Anaheim for this year's event after skipping it last year.

The event was held at The Office Sports
Once the doors opened I was able to go inside and catch up with some friends. The event was set up differently from what I imagined so I also had to spend some time checking things out. After a few minutes of waiting I was finally able to get my first autograph from Reds prospect and Cal State Fullerton alumni Michael Lorenzen. Lorenzen is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and has remembered me from his college days. After talking to him for a while I was able to get an ROMLB signed with "2013 1st Round Pick".

Michael Lorenzen autographed baseball
A while later I went back and asked him if he'd mind putting the bible verse that he would sometimes add. After talking for a few minutes he asked what my favorite scripture was and added it along with his favorite. I think it's a pretty cool piece.

The next guy I got was Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly. Kelly was one of my main targets coming in to the day and would knock out a pair of 8x10's and several cards for me.

Joe Kelly autographed 8x10's
I was also able to get the host of the event, Brandon Barnes to sign a few cards. I felt a bit bad for Barnes since he was running around the whole day, but I will give him credit for being a much better host than Bobby Wagner was at his event earlier this year.

Brandon Barnes autographed cards
One of the last guys to show up was Angels pitcher CJ Wilson. Wilson wasn't actually participating in the games but made an appearance to support the cause. He was cool as always and signed and 11x14 with "P.M.A." and a 2013 Bowman.

CJ Wilson autographed 11x14
On his way out I also had CJ sign a ROMLB on the sweet spot with "P.M.A." on it as well. P.M.A. stands for Positive Mental Attitude, which is a motto CJ lives by and has promoted publicly. Some might call the inscription stupid but I think it's pretty cool.

CJ Wilson autographed baseball
Ironically CJ asked to take a photo with me. Usually I'm the one asking to take photos with athletes, but CJ noticed that I was wearing a "Violent Gentlemen" sweater and asked for a photo to send to his friend who owns the company.

By far the most difficult autograph to get was Nolan Arenado. Arenado decided to sign a few at a time and then go and hide from the fans instead of signing for everyone at once like all of the other athletes did. Arenado probably could've avoided being mobbed by just signing for the 30 people who were waiting, instead he was the only person who seemed to have an issue signing. Luckily I was able to get him on a Rawlings Gold Glove baseball underneath the logo.

Nolan Arenado autographed GG baseball
I guess karma does really come back to get people since Arenado's team lost in the semi-finals to Justin Sellers and his teammates. 

To wrap things up I was able to get cards signed by Tyler Matzek, Mark Trumbo, and Christian Colon, who made a brief cameo in the Royals World series run. 

Random autographed cards
I've always heard stories of Trumbo being a not-so-pleasant guy, but as I've stated in the past, I've never had a bad experience with him. He was very friendly today and I took the opportunity to get a quick photo with him.

Thanks to Kyle for the photo
That wrapped up what was a very good day of graphing. It's nice to see that there are still autograph friendly events like this one and that Barnes and all of the participants (Arenado excluded) went out of their way to sign. It was nice catching up with my summer family including David P, Alex, Kyle, Ryan, Scotty, Mike, Tyler, Jack, Phil, Rick, and others. Thanks for reading.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Giveaway Winner

I must say that I was very surprised by how quickly the 10 spots for my holiday giveaway filled up. I was expecting the spots to fill up over time, and my hope was to fill all ten before Christmas, so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up to see that all ten spots were filled within 15 hours. So without further distractions, here are the results via

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Daniel Wilson
  2. Marlena Karavolis
  3. Ryan F
  4. Jeff Rojas
  5. Steve Diaz
  6. Kyle Sid
  7. irondequoit36
  8. RJ Ryan
  9. Al Kawamoto
  10. Justo Limon
Timestamp: 2014-12-13 01:08:05 UTC

Daniel Wilson, you are the winner! It's nice to see a long time reader of this blog and someone who've I met before get the prize. In case you guys haven't already, make sure to give his blog, It's like having my own Card Shop, a quick look. Please email me your address as soon as possible so I can get this out for you in time for the holiday's:

Justin Sellers autographed 8x10
P.S.- The results were generated in random order via All I did was plug in the names, hit the "Random" button once, and copied and pasted the results to make it as fair as possible. Thanks again and happy holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Giveaway

I know I've mentioned this a ton of times before, and it might begin to sound repetitive, but I really do appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read this blog over the years. Especially the one's who have continued to read over the past year or so despite my lack of consistency when it comes to posting. With that being said, I thought that I'd get in to the holiday spirit and giveaway a couple of autographs to one lucky person. Here is what the winner will receive:

Justin Sellers autographed "spotlight" 8x10
The image is from Justin Sellers' first career MLB homerun in 2011. As you can see, Justin autographed the photo and inscribed it "1st MLB HR 8-14-11" nearly two years ago (you can read about me getting the autograph here). I do know that Justin Sellers isn't a household name, so that is why I'll also throw in a few autographed cards from one of your favorite teams. Also, if you're someone who enjoys collecting random base cards and inserts, let me know and I'll also make sure to throw in several of those as well. In the end you have the possibility to win nine or ten things for absolutely FREE. Here's all you have to do:

1. Follow this blog or become a member by clicking the "Join this site" button on the right hand side. If you do not have a Google or a Yahoo account for whatever reason, email me at and I'll give you an alternative option.

2. Answer the following question: "Who was the first pitcher in Angels history to throw a No-Hitter?" (Hint: It was thrown on May 5th, 1962 vs. the Baltimore Orioles)

3. Comment "Done" and include the answer to the following question.

The first 10 people who comment with the correct answer will have their names entered on to determine a winner. Results will be posted before Christmas and my goal is for the winner to receive the items before then as well. Also, while it is not required, I always appreciate mentions on other blogs, so if you have time to spread the word it would be very much appreciated. Thanks as always and happy holdiays!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Clayton Kershaw: 11/30/14

2014 NL MVP and Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to appear at the LA Auto Show on Sunday, November 30th. There was an unusual amount of confusion leading up to the event after the appearance information was taken off of the Auto Show's page and Acura's Twitter account. As it turned out, they actually took down the information in order to keep the crowd smaller, which is one of the first times I've ever heard of a promoter wanting less people to show up.

Even after confirming that Kershaw would still be signing there was still some confusion in the air. None of the Acura employees seemed to know whether or not Kershaw would be signing outside items or not. I was fully expecting Kershaw to not sign any outside items but figured it was worth a shot to get a free autograph from the game's best pitcher.

2014 NL MVP Clayton Kershaw
Sure enough it was announced at the very last second that Kershaw would only signed the provided photos. My last hope was that the photos would at least be of decent quality, but sadly they were printed on cheap photo paper with a nice, bold Acura logo on the upper left-hand corner.

Clayton Kershaw autographed photos
I'm sure Acura and all of their employees running the event knew well before that Kershaw would not being signing any outside items. It makes me really disrespect their company the way they handled the event compared to the way Kia handled their past Blake Griffin signings at the Auto Show. I'll still gladly take two free autographs from the best pitcher in baseball, but I really wish that the employees would've answered honestly when being asked a question directly. Rant over. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Emmitt Smith and LaDainian Tomlinson: 11/22/14

NFL's all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith and former league MVP LaDainian Tomlinson were on hand to sign autographs at the Frank & Sons collectors show. Smith and Tomlinson were two guys that I've wanted to meet for a while, and while Smith's high prices turned away a lot of collectors, I was able to use some of my birthday cash from the day prior to get my 11x14 signed with "HOF 2010".

Emmitt Smith autographed 11x14
Photo credits to my friend Mikey Pele
Emmitt was very friendly and a pleasure to meet which made me feel a little bit better about dropping that kind of money for an autograph. Thankfully LaDainian Tomlinson wasn't charging nearly as much, and I was able to get him to sign my official NFL football with "2006 NFL MVP".

LaDainian Tomlinson autographed football
Overall it was a great experience meeting two NFL greats and a good way to cap off my 16th birthday weekend. There is slowly becoming more and more football graphing opportunities in Southern California which will hopefully continue until Los Angeles finally gets a football team back. Until then, thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Andre Reed: 11/15/14

2014 Football Hall of Fame inductee Andre Reed was scheduled to sign autographs at Dr. Alex Corbin Liu's optometry office this Saturday. If you've read any of my blog posts over the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen me mention this signing at least once or twice. Well Saturday was the big day and after my photographs nearly came late (despite paying for overnight shipping FOUR DAYS AGO) I finally had the chance to meet Reed for the first time since being inducted in to the Hall of Fame. I was able to get a pair of Photofile 11x14's signed, both with "7x Pro Bowler" and "HOF 14".

Andre Reed autographed 11x14 #1
Andre Reed autographed 11x14 #2
The signing was going great until Reed dropped my Sharpie on the first photograph, which subsequently left a big mark right below his foot. Had it not been for some friends in the graphing community, the photo would have basically been ruined, but luckily someone suggested tracing over the marking with an Expo erase marker. It ended up working like a charm, but the true moral of the story came before I erased the mark. Dr. Liu saw the photo and after I explained to him what had happened, he immediately gave me a free 8x10 and autograph ticket. In a world where most promoters are greedy it's nice to see someone like Dr. Liu who cares about his customers, which is why I advertise his signings in the first place. A big thanks to Dr. Liu for putting on the event and handling the situation like a professional, also a thanks to Andre Reed, who was as cool the second time I met him as he was the first. Thanks for reading!

Photo creds go to my bud Spencer for this one

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jim Abbott: 11/8/14 Continued...

After getting Don Sutton's autograph in Whittier, I quickly made my way over to Irvine for another autograph signing. Former Angel and one-armed pitcher Jim Abbott was signing autographs at the grand opening of a new Sports Authority at the Irvine Spectrum. The event was kept under the radar until the very last minute, and most graphers that I talked to after the event had no idea that it was going on. That, of course, was ideal for me as I was in and out with five autographs in under 20 minutes.

Jim Abbott autographed Yankee Stadium ball
Jim Abbott autographed ROMLB

Jim Abbott autographed cards
The fifth and final autograph was a photo provided at the event that I got for my brother-in-law, so I did not take a picture of that. Overall it was one of the easier events that I had been to and a great chance to meet one of the most inspiring players in MLB history. On a side note, Abbott is a big Detroit Lions fan and talked some smack to me after noticing my 49ers iPhone case. I just wish that I could talk to him today after the Niners overtime win against the Saints.

A final reminder to all Southern California graphers that 2014 HOF inductee Andre Reed will be at Dr. Alex Corbin Liu's office next weekend. Tickets are just $30 for flats and mini's and $40 for premiums. If anyone from outside of California wants any photos signed then contact Dr. Liu, he usually has a few left over after every signing. 

As always, thanks for reading!