Saturday, February 8, 2014

San Diego Padres Fan Fest: 2/8/14

On Saturday, February 8th, I decided to attend the San Diego Padres Fan Fest at PetCo Park. After skipping the event last year, I was looking forward to enjoying one of baseball's best Fan Fest's and also soak in some San Diego sun.

After printing out early access tickets the night before, I was allowed inside of the ballpark around 9:30. My first priority was to get autograph vouchers, which were distributed as you walked. Unfortunately, the Padres only allow one voucher per person, so between my father and I, we were able to get vouchers for the Josh Johnson/Tommy Medica session and the Yamani Grandal/Robbie Erlin session. 

Since I had some time to kill before my first session, I decided to wait in line for the Huston Street/Cory Luebke autograph session. While I didn't have a ticket, I was allowed to wait in the "overflow line", which only consisted of three people. Street and Luebke got through the line quick enough and I was able to get both players on cards.
After getting Street and Luebke, I headed over to section 117 where the Johnson/Medica session had just started. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything for Medica to sign, but I was able to get Josh Johnson on a 2009 All Star ball inscribed "1st All Star Game".

I was very pleased with the fact that Johnson took the time to write out "1st All Star Game". Most players now-a-days become lazy and will put "1st ASG", and while I'll never complain about an auto, I always appreciate when a player cares enough to write it out.

The final autographs I got came from the Yasmani Grandal/Robbie Erlin seasion. Both guys were very friendly and Grandal had no problem signing all three cards for me.

 Unfortunately, when Grandal handed back the 2013 Allen and Ginter, he put his thumb over the signature and smudged it. I was disappointed since I loved the design of the card, but luckily the other two cards came out perfectly fine.

I would've loved to have stuck around and gotten a few more players, but I had to make my way over to San Diego University for the baseball alumni game.


  1. Very cool graphs... especially the inscribed ball.

    1. Thanks Fuji. I was glad to get one item signed that wasn't a card.