Saturday, April 12, 2014

David Wright: 4/12/14

The New York Mets came into Anaheim for a rare inter-league series in early April. With Matt Harvey staying back in Florida to continue his rehab, my focus was primarily set on superstar third baseman, David Wright. While I missed getting Wright's autograph after the first game of the series, I was able to rebound and get Captain America to sign my 2012 All-Star Game baseball prior to the second game of the series. 

David Wright autographed baseball
I was very happy to add another All-Star caliber player to my collection, especially one that I've missed three times in the past. While Wright may not be the same MVP caliber player that he was from 2005-2008, he still sports a career average over .300 and has consistently been one of the best third basemen in baseball over his 10+ year career with New York.

***Just so everybody is aware, I'm probably going to start doing short and sweet posts like this from now on. I'll still do a few event recaps here and there, but for the most part I'll just post the star caliber players I get over the course of the season. I may even go back and recreate my posts from the past when I get some time this summer. Let me know how you like them compared to my older, longer posts.

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  1. I actually enjoy the long posts, but I know how time consuming that can be. I'd just do whatever works for you.