Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mariners vs. Angels Opening Day Recap: 3/31

My home away from home
A few weeks ago when I made my Spring Training 2014 Recap, I started out with the simple quote "Baseball. Is. Back.". While the four day getaway may have meant a small glimpse of the game we all love, nothing compares to being inside of a major league ballpark for the first time of the new season. Luckily for me, the Angels opened up the 2014 MLB season at home on March 31st, and I'm sure you all could've predicted where I was that night.

The day got off to an incredible start to say the least. I decided to hang out down the line with a few of my friends, all of whom were trying to get Robinson Cano. We lucked out as Cano looked over to us, nodded, and made his way over as he finished stretching. Since I already got my jersey done last month at Spring Training, I decided to get a ROMLB this time from Robbie.

Robinson Cano autographed ROMLB
I was a bit unprepared for Cano to sign, and while I didn't want to drop an ROMLB, I really had no choice. I was hoping to do a 11x14 for Cano (knowing that he signs ROMLB's lightly in person), but I never got the time to order one. None-the-less, I'm very happy to add another Cano to my collection.

Since I didn't have to chase Cano around for the rest of BP, I had the luxury of kicking back and just hoping that someone would come over and some. As it turned out, John Buck, Danny Farquhar, and Logan Morrison all came over and signed some cards for me.

Mariners autographed cards
My plan was to head upstairs for the Opening Day ceremonies, but my graphing instincts got the better of me, and I ended up watching the national anthem and player introductions from behind the Mariners' dugout.

The new-ish Seattle Mariners
During the game I checked on my phone and noticed that I was on a few different Instagram pages, including AM 830's, which showed Robinson Cano handing me back my baseball from a few hours prior.

A proof pic at it's best
I decided to stick around after the game and try my luck with the Mariners. The results aren't too great, but I was able to get Erasmo Ramirez on three cards...

Erasmo Ramirez auographed cards
And Brad Miller on a pair of cards.

Brad Miller autographed cards
I did attend game two of the series, but with the sole purpose of obtaining this...

Best. Bobblehead. Ever.
The bobblehead commemorated Mike Trout's cycle last season, and reads "May 21, 2013- Youngest Player In AL History To Hit For Cycle" around the base. It also shows mini figures hitting and sliding around the bases at his feet.

Stupid State Farm
I did stick around for BP, but only to be left empty handed, but to be honest, I was perfectly fine with that. I got my bobblehead and was content on leaving. 

Overall it nice to be back at the ballpark and catch up with some friends. The Angels aren't back for over a week, but their next home series is against the New York Mets, so I'll definitely have a nice recap up as soon as that series concludes. Thanks for reading! 

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