Saturday, April 19, 2014

Orel Hershiser: 4/19/14

While "the Bulldog" may not be considered as one of baseball's elite pitchers, it's hard to find anyone that was more dominant in his time than Orel Hershiser was in the 1980's. Hershiser recorded 98 wins in the decade, 23 of which coming in 1988 when he won the National League CY Young, NLCS MVP, and World Series MVP all in the same season. Even with Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden seemingly stealing the show on the mound, Hershiser made sure that he was never to be outdone throughout his career.

After finding a good deal for a 1988 World Series ball on Ebay, I decided to head down to the OC Dugout to meet Hershiser. While I probably wouldn't have payed to meet him had I not found the ball online, I'm more than glad with how everything turned out.

Orel Hershiser autographed baseball
As many of you know, finding older World Series and All-Star baseballs is usually difficult and expensive, so whenever I do buy one I always like to get it signed right away instead of carrying around for weeks. A big thanks to the OC Dugout for putting on the signing and Orel Hershiser for coming out.

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