Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mark Langston: 6/24/14

If you've followed this blog for long enough, one name that you've heard me mention quite often is Mark Langston. Langston was an All-Star pitcher for the Angels and the Mariners in the late 80's and the early 90's. He now serves as the one of the Angels radio announcers, and is basically a "sure-thing" autograph if you go to Angel Stadium. Over time I've slowly ran out of items to have Langston sign, but the other day I noticed that I still had one last item to get him on, so on prior to Monday's game vs. Minnesota, I finally got Mark Langston on a Rawlings Gold Glove baseball with "7x Gold Glove".
Mark Langston autographed baseball
I was actually very happy to finally get this ball done. Langston is one of the nicest former athletes that I've ever met, and even when I don't have anything to get signed he always says hello and asks how all of the graphers are doing. With that being said, I'll make sure to display this ball proudly next to my other Gold Glove winners. Thanks for reading!

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