Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tony LaRussa: 6/7/14

Saturday was a very lucky day for myself. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got very lucky and got Jose Abreu's autograph prior to Saturday's game vs. the Angels. I also got lucky later in the day and got Paul Konerko's autograph along with my friends Ryan and Lori. My final lucky encounter came nearly seven hours after my previous two. 2014 Hall of Fame inductee Tony LaRussa was at the Angels game on Saturday to celebrate Albert Pujols' 500th career home run. Once again Ryan, Lori, and my other friend Mike decided to wait where we thought was best for LaRussa, and moments after the final out, the legendary manager walked out and signed for all four of us before leaving the stadium.

Tony LaRussa autographed ROMLB
Even though it's not LaRussa's "full signature", I'm more than happy to add one of the cleanest short sigs that I've seen to my collection. LaRussa is and will be one of my all-time favorite baseball figures, so just to meet him and see him sign my ball was certainly a moment that I won't forget. Unfortunately, not every day is as great as Saturday was, but days like this certainly make up for the bad ones. Thanks for reading.

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