Monday, July 21, 2014

The X-Factor: 7/21/14

Several years ago I attended my first ever baseball game at PetCo Park in San Diego. I remember three things from that game: the Padres lost to the Diamondbacks, I was getting annoyed by the group of D-Backs fans sitting to the right of me, and David Eckstein. I remembered Eckstein specifically from game 5 of the 2006 World Series, the first ever baseball game I actually sat down and watched. Ironically, I remember three things from that game as well: Adam Wainwright getting the final save, the players dog-piling on top of each other, and Eckstein winning that bright yellow Corvette. I apologize if I nearly bored you to death with that story, but I'm hoping that it puts an end to all of the "why?"'s when I say that David Eckstein is my baseball idol.

David happened to visit Angel Stadium this past home stand with his brother Rick, who is now a coach for the Angels, and I was finally able to get him on my 2006 World Series baseball that I had been carrying around for years.

David Eckstein autographed baseball
It was a great experience being able to talk to Eckstein and tell him how much of a fan I am. David has also hinted that he wouldn't mind becoming a coach for the Angels in the near future, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the "X-Factor" will once again return to the field full-time. Thanks for reading!

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