Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Graphing Recap: Lot's of Awesome Stuff

Yes, I know I haven't been blogging much lately. Believe me, I feel more guilty about it than anyone, especially after putting so much time in to this page over the past two years. With that being said, August wrapped up what was quite possibly the best summer I've ever had both at the ballpark and away from it. I got a lot of great autographs and wanted to share them with you before I get too deep in the hole, so without further distractions:

This first autograph wasn't obtained in the month of August, but considering that it was less than a week before August began, I think it's fair to show it off a bit. Angels pitcher Garrett Richards was doing a free signing at Angel Stadium. Garrett is a great young pitcher and a fairly tough autograph to get, so I was happy to get this 2011 Angels 50th Anniversary baseball along with his MLB debut date of "8-10-11". Hopefully Garrett can make a quick recovery and bounce back in 2015.

Garrett Richards autographed baseball
Next up, the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies came to Anaheim for a pair of three game sets. Both teams have a tendency to be tough for graphers, but for some reason the Sox were even more difficult to graph than before. Maybe they're still bitter that they still can't put back-to-back winning season's together. The only major auto I came away with was from John Farrell, who autographed a 2013 World series baseball with "13 Champs!".

John Farrell autographed baseball
The Phillies, on the other hand, were a surprisingly good team to graph this year. Starting off with the cards, I was able to get Antonio Bastardo, Cody Asche, Dominic Brown, Darren Ruff, and Ben Revere (who is quite possibly the nicest guy alive) on some cardboard.

Phillies autographed cards
Much like the rest of the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins was surprisingly nice and signed a lot of autographs over the course of the series. I was able to come away with three Rollins', my favorite being this 2001 All-Star baseball.

Jimmy Rollins autographed baseball
I was also able to get AJ Burnett, who signed a baseball on the sweetspot with the date of his No-hitter back in 2001.

AJ Burnett autographed baseball
And finally, maybe the best IP autograph that I've gotten all season long, I was able to get Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg on a Rawlings Gold Glove baseball along with the inscription "9x G.G.'s".

Ryne Sandberg autographed baseball
But wait... There's more:

I got word at the very last minute that Josh Hamilton would be doing a private autograph signing with MLB Alumni Marketing. Hamilton has become one of my favorite players since joining the Angels and I had been planning on sending in a jersey the next time he did a private signing. I may have spent a little bit more than I originally wanted to, but I'd say in the end it was well worth it...

Josh Hamilton autographed & inscribed jersey
...and yes, there's still more. I was able to pick up this Mark McGwire ball and some cash in a trade with my friend Spencer. I was bummed after getting skipped by Big Mac earlier in the month but quickly recovered by getting this sit-down quality signature.

Mark McGwire autographed baseball
For the final adventure of the summer, I decided to go down to the OC Dugout for their fan appreciation day. The Dugout raffles off autographed items every so often at these events, and after gathering up enough tickets I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately I did not win the grand prize, which was a Mike Trout autographed bat, but I was able to come away with this CJ Cron autographed baseball with "MLB Debut" and PSA/DNA authentication.

CJ Cron autographed baseball
And to wrap things up, I was able to get Bronco legend Terrell Davis to sign an official NFL football along with "SB 32 MVP" thanks to my friend Greg, who hooked it up with some last minute information.

Terrell Davis autographed football
That should get me up to date as far as posting goes. I apologize for the recent lack of posts, but I encourage you to continue checking in over the next month or so, as I will have some pretty amazing items coming in. I won't give away any names, but I will say that they involve an NBA Rookie of the Year, a Home Run King, a guy nicknamed "Iron", and a guy who threw a post-season No-Hitter. So make sure to check back in soon, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for reading!