Thursday, October 16, 2014

Minnesota Wild Autographs: 10/16/14

It has only been two weeks since the Angels season ended at the mercy of the Kansas City Royals, but it's felt like an eternity since the last time I've been to Angel Stadium of Anaheim. However with the bad comes some good. The offseason will give myself and fellow graphers a five to six month rest without the typical hassles, and it will also allow me to focus on other things, including hockey. I actually enjoy watching the sport of hockey more than I do baseball, and I certainly enjoy graphing more, but there is always that feeling of excitement hanging out at a Major League ballpark. Needless to say, I'm already looking forward to Spring Training 2015.

Not surprisingly, my first autographs since game two of the ALDS came from some hockey players, but not just any hockey players. The Minnesota Wild happened to be in town for a few days in advance of their game against the Anaheim Ducks, and in a rare occurrence, all of the pieces happened to fall in place. Visiting hockey teams are practically impossible to graph in Anaheim (so please don't email me asking how to do so after this post), but I was able to come away with my three main targets, including one of my favorite players, Zach Parise.

Ryan Suter, Thomas Vanek, and Parise autographs
Zach Parise and I
Considering hockey graphing can be nearly impossible in Southern California, I was more than glad to come away with two of the best U.S. born players in the game, as well as 40 goal scorer to make things even better. I'll have a few more hockey autographs to post over the next week or so, followed by some football and a couple of baseball posts in November. Thanks for reading!

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