Sunday, November 30, 2014

Clayton Kershaw: 11/30/14

2014 NL MVP and Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to appear at the LA Auto Show on Sunday, November 30th. There was an unusual amount of confusion leading up to the event after the appearance information was taken off of the Auto Show's page and Acura's Twitter account. As it turned out, they actually took down the information in order to keep the crowd smaller, which is one of the first times I've ever heard of a promoter wanting less people to show up.

Even after confirming that Kershaw would still be signing there was still some confusion in the air. None of the Acura employees seemed to know whether or not Kershaw would be signing outside items or not. I was fully expecting Kershaw to not sign any outside items but figured it was worth a shot to get a free autograph from the game's best pitcher.

2014 NL MVP Clayton Kershaw
Sure enough it was announced at the very last second that Kershaw would only signed the provided photos. My last hope was that the photos would at least be of decent quality, but sadly they were printed on cheap photo paper with a nice, bold Acura logo on the upper left-hand corner.

Clayton Kershaw autographed photos
I'm sure Acura and all of their employees running the event knew well before that Kershaw would not being signing any outside items. It makes me really disrespect their company the way they handled the event compared to the way Kia handled their past Blake Griffin signings at the Auto Show. I'll still gladly take two free autographs from the best pitcher in baseball, but I really wish that the employees would've answered honestly when being asked a question directly. Rant over. Thanks for reading!

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