Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End Of The Year Pick-Ups

Over the past month or so I've had the opportunity to add quite a few nice items to my collection. Between my Birthday and Christmas, I've had a few extra dollars to spend and put them to good use.

One of the first items I bought after my birthday was this Carlton Fisk signed baseball with "HOF 2000" and Steiner authentication. I was able to get the ball through Steiner's Black Friday sale and after using an old gift card with some leftover bucks, my total came out to a whopping $4.79.

Carlton Fisk autographed baseball
Another baseball that I was able to pick-up is signed by former NBA legend and current LA Dodgers' owner Ervin "Magic" Johnson. I've always wanted to add a Magic ball to my collection and got lucky when one of my friends recently held a private autograph signing with him. I gave him a couple of baseballs to get signed and got them back a few weeks ago.

Ervin "Magic" Johnson autographed baseball
I was also able to purchase this Sidney Crosby 2014 Canada jersey. Crosby is undoubtedly the best player in hockey right now and one of my favorite players. He was the captain of Canada's Olympic team in 2014 that won Gold and is a two time league MVP and a Stanley Cup champion. Needless to say that this is the centerpiece of my Team Canada collection.

Sidney Crosby autographed jersey
Continuing with the hockey theme, I was able to get this 2003 NHL Draft puck signed by Corey Perry. It is inscribed "28th Pick" as well as "61", which I found very cool since that was the number Perry wore when he was drafted and first called-up. Much like Crosby, Perry was a 2014 Gold medalist, a former league MVP, and a Stanley Cup champion.

Corey Perry autographed puck
The final, and best, autograph I picked-up is from 2014 AL MVP Mike Trout. As an Angel fan, I have the opportunity to watch Trout play almost every day, which makes me appreciate his game even that much more. I have gotten Trout's autograph in person numerous times, but have always wanted an Old Hickory game model bat signed. Instead of paying $120 for the bat and lugging it around the stadium for months, I decided to send in to his most recent signing and get one signed with "14 ASG MVP" and "14 AL MVP", as well as MLB Authentication.

Mike Trout autographed bat
The bat is one of my favorite pieces in my collection and will go nicely next to my Barry Bonds game model bat that I got signed a few months ago. Don't be surprised if you see both of them make a re-appearance in my best of 2014 list coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! Those are some awesome items! Love the Magic Johnson baseball and the Trout bat!