Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dodgers Fan Fest: 1/31/15

On Sunday, January 31st, the Los Angeles Dodgers held their 4th annual Fan Fest at Dodger Stadium. This was the first year that I decided to attend the event despite missing out on getting any autograph vouchers when they went on sale. Luckily my friend Alex had an extra voucher for the Joc Pederson/Mickey Hatcher line and I was able to pick up a voucher for the Zach Lee/Brandon McCarthy line the night before on Ebay.

After battling with some Los Angeles traffic I finally arrived at Dodger Stadium and met up with Alex and his brother Rob. Several Dodger Dogs later (Yes, they're as amazing as advertised) we made our way over to the autograph lines to wait for the next session. Both of my vouchers happened to be for the 12:10 session, so I had to get a spot at the front of the Pederson/Hatcher line in order to make it through the line quickly and jump in the Lee/McCarthy line.

All three of us got spots near the front of the line and made it through within a few minutes. I was able to get Mickey Hatcher on a ball with "88 W.S. Champs Dodgers". It was nice to get Hatcher who was not only a World Series hero for the Dodgers in 1988, but also the hitting coach on the Angels 2002 World Series winning team.

Mickey Hatcher autographed baseball
Next up was Joc Pederson, who is projected to have a break-out year in 2015. Pederson played down the road from my house in A-Ball two seasons ago. I ended up getting nearly 30 cards signed by him throughout the year but never thought of getting a baseball done. I finally decided to drop one this time around and Joc was nice enough to inscribe "PCL 30/30".

Joc Pederson autographed baseball
After getting Pederson, Rob and I got in the Lee/McCarthy line. Zach Lee was another guy who I watched play on the Quakes. He was never the easiest autograph to get even in A-Ball, so I was happy to get a ball signed with "2010 1st Round Pick". Unfortunately his autograph is pretty basic but hopefully he'll have a good season in 2015.

Zach Lee autographed baseball
Next to Lee was Brandon McCarthy. McCarthy is one of the funnier guys in baseball and when I handed him a Diamondbacks card to sign he said "I'm going to do something here" and ended up drawing a "LA" over the D-Backs hat.

I got the second McCarthy later in the day at another session and the Kendrick came from my friend Marc who got a free voucher for his session. I'm sure Howie will take over as the Dodgers' go-to guy when it comes to free signings much like he was with the Angels.

I decided to bail after getting the second McCarthy and called it a day. I know a lot of people who were able to get Zack Greinke vouchers for later in the day so congrats if you are one of those. Luckily I got three of him two years ago on a rehab assignment so I wasn't concerned about getting one more. Overall it was a good day graphing with Alex, Rob, Ryan, Josh, David, and others. Thanks for reading.


  1. That's an interesting story about McCarthy. He was horrible in Arizona and he never seemed happy, other than when he was being somewhat obnoxious on Twitter.

    1. I'm much more of a D-Backs fan that I am a Dodgers fan, but from what I've read he had a reason to be unhappy with Arizona. I guess management wouldn't allow him to use his cutter which was his primary pitch in Texas in Oakland. Instead they converted him into a traditional 4-pitch, fastball guy which obviously didn't work. Then he went to New York and pitched fairly well with his cutter. The whole thing sounded like a mess.