Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eddie Guardado's Stars and Strikes Bowling Event: 1/25/15

Former All-Star pitcher Eddie Guardado held his fourth annual Stars and Strikes bowling event on Sunday, January 25th. The event is usually one of the best offseason graphing opportunities for So-Cal graphers, but unfortunately it has been hectic and packed with autograph seekers the past couple of years thanks to blogs like my own. This years guest list included Jered Weaver, Torii Hunter, Garrett Anderson, Josh Hamilton, Troy Percival, and others. Unfortunately Hunter and Anderson were no-shows, and guys like Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, and Adrian Beltre were too buy with their team's Fan Fests to attend.

One of the biggest shocks of 2015 happened right before I got to the event. Apparently Jered Weaver stopped and signed about twenty autographs on his way in to the event. Weaver is a notoriously tough autograph to get and I didn't truly believe it until my friend Alex showed me his 2012 Heritage card that he got done for his set. I wasn't too disappointed since I have a nice collection of Weaver's, but it was still surprising to hear about.

Throughout the night I was able to get cards signed by Scott Erickson, Gary Matthews Jr., Brett Tomko, and Eddie Guardado.

It may sound quirky but I was happy to finally get Matthews' autograph. I watched him play in an Angels uniform for years ad for whatever reason he was always a tough auto to get during his playing days. My friend David was extremely excited to see him since he was finally able to get his game used bat signed. You can check that out on his blog here.

After the event Josh Hamilton came over to sign autographs. No matter what his stats are, I'll always have respect for Josh and the way he treats the fans. I didn't come prepared with any photos or commemorative baseballs so I settled for the standard ROMLB sweet spot. 

Josh Hamilton autographed baseball
Finally I was able to get the before mentioned Scott Erickson on a baseball. My friend Mike and I turned out to be the last people waiting for Erickson to come out and he couldn't have been nicer. We talked for about five minutes and he ended up putting both "No-Hitter 4/27/94" and "91 WS Champs".

Scott Erickson autographed baseball
While I did miss out on getting Weaver it was still nice to see some friends and get some graphs. I was also able to strike a deal with my friend for one of his extra Dodgers Fan-Fest autograph vouchers, which I'll be attending next weekend. Thanks for reading!