Sunday, January 11, 2015

Teemu Selanne Night: 1/11/15

For years Teemu Selanne has been my hockey idol both on the ice and off of it. On Sunday, January 11, 2015, I finally had the chance to honor him and his amazing career. The Anaheim Ducks held "Teemu Selanne Night" at the Honda Center prior to their game against the Winnipeg Jets, the name of the team (But not the same team) that we won R.O.Y. with in 1992-93. 

A day prior to the actual game, I made my way down to the Honda Center team store in hopes of getting some limited edition Selanne stuff. Unfortunately all of the things I wanted were not being sold until game day, but I was able to pick up a foam "8". I also picked up my ticket which, despite it saying Price: $20.00, cost a lot more than $20.

Foam "8" and Teemu Night ticket
The ticket itself is a pretty cool souvenir and not printed on some cheap paper like most others. I ended up going out of my way to make sure that it didn't get bent throughout the game.

The Ducks had made it very clear that fans would want to be IN their seats by 4:15 by sending out notification after notification all week. I ended up sitting down at exactly 4:17 and surprisingly the ceremony started a couple of minutes later. It was an absolutely amazing ceremony and was 1,000,000 times better than what I had expected. The Ducks even gave out clip-on blinking lights to everyone before the game, so it was quite a scene when the 18,000 people had the blinking lights going throughout the entire hour and a half (Officially the longest retirement ceremony ever recorded) period.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any clear shots of the banner raising, as there was a giant spotlight on both Teemu and the banner, so I "borrowed" this one from the Ducks Twitter.

Pretty much everything was Teemu'd out. Even the bags at the team store had the slogan "For8ver" on them. My favorite thing was the "8" shaped pretzels. When I went to go get one I was told that most of them had sold out, but that there was on left, but it was rock solid. I ended up having an argument with one of the workers who jumped in and told me that I didn't want the pretzel (Spoiler alert: I did want it). The original person helping me offered to give me it for free even though I offered to pay, which upset the other woman who insisted on throwing it away instead of giving it to me or even taking my $5 for it. The result:

The "uneatable" pretzel
Another spoiler alert, I was able to eat it without a problem despite it being "uneatable".

I was also able to pick up some things at the team store that I was looking for the day before. I got a commemorative game puck and a voucher for one of the Teemu bobbleheads that apparently got delayed while being shipped from overseas.

For8ver Teemu puck and voucher
On the way out we were handed free mini-Teemu banners. Apparently this was a giveaway that was announced a while ago, but I had no idea until my friend Eddie texted me about it in the middle of the game. It was a pretty awesome surprise, however.

Free Teemu banner
The back has all of his career stats and his Ducks' franchise record which includes, but is not limited to, games played, goals, assists, points, power-play goals, game winning goals, playoff games played, playoff points, and more. Not bad. I appreciate all of you who read through this entire post despite it not including one autograph. However, if you've been reading this blog for over a year then you've seen me get plenty of Teemu Selanne autographs in person. In fact, I think my total is up to around 30. So in a way, this is autograph related.

Oh yeah, the Ducks came back from down 2 goals in the final period to win 5-4 in a 6 round shootout. They are now tied with Nashville for the best record in hockey. But no big deal. Thanks for reading!

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