Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Angels vs. Athletics: 4/21/15

The Oakland A's came to Anaheim for their first meeting of the new season. I decided to attend only one game since all four games happened to fall on weekdays. Also Oakland will come to Anaheim two more times this season, so my opportunities to graph them are plentiful.

I was able to get a few good guys during batting practice including RJ Alvarez, Ben Zobrist, Sam Fuld, and Jesse Chavez. Billy Butler and Stephen Vogt both signed after the game.

I was also able to get Sonny Gray on a ROMLB. It was a bit strange since he didn't personalize for either of the two graphers who went before me, however when I tossed him my ball he immediately asked for my name. I guess that's what I get for wearing Angels gear. The ball still came out very nice and I have no complaints.

My last (and probably favorite) thing I got was an empty champagne bottle and cork used in the clubhouse after the Angels clinched the AL West in 2014. I picked them up for only $20 and they both came with MLB Authentication holograms. Hopefully I'll get the bottle signed in the near future.

The game itself was an absolute blowout. The Angels ended up winning 14-1 and near the end of the game a couple of fans behind me started stacking beer cups. It took them a while, but the stack ended up getting eight or nine feet high. I was just impressed that they were able to stay balanced after drinking so many.

Thanks for reading and Go Ducks!

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