Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kole Calhoun: 4/25/15

Before heading to the ballpark to graph the Texas Rangers, I stopped by Sports Authority in La Playa where Kole Calhoun was doing an autograph signing. The event was set up nicely since they gave you numbered wristbands and didn't require you to stand in line until the signing was scheduled to start. Personally, I think that's how all signings should be.

I ended up being somewhere in the mid-100's by the time I got my wristband. Luckily Kole got to the signing on time and started blowing through the line. My first item that I got signed was my 2014 AL West champagne bottle. Hopefully I'll be able to add a few more in the weeks to come, but Calhoun is a great start.

I was also able to get a ROMLB signed thanks to my mom who tagged along. It's been years since I've asked her for help at the ballpark, but having an extra person is always helpful at these events.

Thanks to Kole Calhoun and Sports Authority for putting on a great event and, as always, thanks for reading.

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  1. You have a very cool mom. You owe her big time on Mother's Day!

    P.S. The silver Sharpie on the bottle looks awesome!