Saturday, May 9, 2015

Angels Fiesta: 5/9/15

The Angels hosted their annual Fiesta before Saturday evening's game against the Houston Astros. The Fiesta is basically the Angels version of a "fan fest" since the organization has decided that a few thousand is too much to spend on fans when you're already spending $200 million on player salaries. I really wish that the Angels would put something together like the Dodgers do in the offseason, or even the Padres, but in Arte Moreno's own words, "We're not the Dodgers". I guess that means we can't have nice things like them either.

On a more positive note, this year's Fiesta was much better than last year's. In fact, I think last year's event was so terrible that it kept a lot of fans away since it was not overly crowded like in past years. The Angels also decided to have their annual yard sale as part of the Fiesta, which was not announced until the last minute. Luckily I had some extra cash on me so that was my first stop upon entering. I ended up finding a few boxes of brand new, autographed Raul Ibanez Marucci bats. For $50 I couldn't pass up snagging at least one.

The yard sale had some other fairly nice game used stuff from past Angels players and even a few players from other teams. My friend Spencer was able to pick up Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu game used jerseys, while my other friend was able to get a Fernando Rodney game used jersey with the 2010 All-Star Game patch. I also noticed bats used by Leonys Martin, Mark Trumbo, and Corey Dickerson. My friend Marc ended up finding the best hidden gem of the day, a Paul Konerko game used bat that was thrown in a pile with Andrew Romine and Tommy Field bats.

After paying for the bat I made a dart to the autograph lines where the players had already started signing. The first, and only, group of current players signing was made up of Kole Calhoun, Garrett Richards, Mike Morin, and Johnny Giovatella. I only needed Calhoun and Richards so I hopped in Kole's line first since it was extremely short.

I then went over to Richards' line was was surprisingly short as well. I think that most of the fans still weren't at the Fiesta or were caught up at the yard sale since the autograph session started right when the event started. Luckily for me I was able to get through the Richards line in a few minutes and added him to my 2015 team ball (bottom-right).

It's a very nice start, but still a long, long way to go.

I still had a few minutes to spare before the autograph session ended, so I decided to go over to the final line for Alfredo Griffin who was signing with Giovatella. I kind of wish that I had something for Giovatella to sign since the line was so short, but unfortunately I didn't bring any cards along with me. I was able to get the notoriously difficult Alfredo to sign a ball with "ROY 79".

After the players finished signing it was announced that there would be a group of alumni signing in another hour. We were later told that the alumni would be Adam Kennedy, Mark Langston, and HOF'er Rod Carew. At that point my only goal was to get Carew, and I ended up picking the correct line for him. The handlers made a very clear "no inscriptions" rule, but I was still happy to get Carew on another ROMLB.

Afterwards I headed into the stadium for the Astros pregame. Houston isn't necessarily a star studded team, so I just brought along some cards and got whoever I could to sign them.

Overall it was a solid day with a few nice pick ups. I was also able to snag four of these Albert Pujols bobblehead for $10 total at the yard sale but haven't taken them out of the box to take photographs yet:

If any bobblehead collectors are interested in buying and/or possibly trading for one, please email me. Thanks for reading!

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