Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Angels vs. Yankees: 6/29-6/30

The New York Yankees rolled into town for their first and only season match-up against the Angels. Just like in 2013 when Mariano Rivera was on his "farewell tour", or 2014 when Derek Jeter was on a similar tour, all eyes were focused on one player, and that was Alex Rodriguez who was on his "forgiveness tour". A-Rod has been going from city to city all season long and kissing up to the fans after his recent fiasco. Luckily that meant more autographs and a much friendlier A-Rod than in the past.

As usual with the Yankees, there was a giant crowd at batting practice. Mostly everyone in the stadium was waiting for A-Rod to pick his time and place, and when he finally did it was chaotic. I was able to get a good spot a few feet away from the madness and A-Rod eventually worked his way down to where I was waiting. He was switching back and forth between a Sharpie and a ballpoint pen, and I didn't have time to pull anything else out, so I had to settle for an Alex Rodriguez ball signed in Sharpie. Still, I'll take it.

A-Rod signed for a good ten minutes and I was nearly able to get him again before he took off. Luckily he came over to sign again before game two of the series, and I was able to get another good spot. This time I was prepared with both a ball and a card, so when he started running with a Sharpie I stuck out my 2015 Heritage card and got it signed.

As you can see, I was able to get a hand full of other Yankees throughout the series, including Chase Headley, Brett Gardner, Brian McCann, and Garrett Jones. Normally I'd be happy walking away with one or two autographs a day when the Yanks are in town, so all-in-all it was a good series.

My final autograph came from Bengie Molina who was at the stadium to sign his new book "Molina". I had missed out on his last few book signings in the area so I decided to finally buy the book and get it signed. It came out great.

Thanks for reading.