Saturday, December 19, 2015

Johnny Bench: 12/19/15

December is usually a slow month for graphing, but thankfully the OC Dugout had baseball legend Johnny Bench in for a signing this past Saturday. Bench was recently named one of the four greatest living players in MLB history, and after passing up an opportunity to get his autograph back in July, I had to go an meet him. 

I've heard some mixed reviews on Bench in the past but had a terrific experience meeting him. We talked for about a minute and then he asked me how/where I wanted my photo signed. He also stood up for the photograph that I took with him, which is something that I always appreciate. I ended up getting my 11x14 signed with "Catch Ya Later" and "HOF 89".

(You can ignore the blue corners, those are just part of a photo holder that I use)

Thanks to Brian and the OC Dugout for bringing in a rare-December autograph guest, and thanks for reading.