Saturday, January 30, 2016

LA Dodgers Fan Fest: 1/30/16

The Los Angeles Dodgers held their annual Fan Fest at Dodger Stadium on January 30, 2016. Fan Fests are always the first taste of a new baseball season, and since the Angels haven't had one since 2011, I'm usually left relying on the Dodgers.

I was fortunate enough to snag two Chase Utley autograph vouchers from the Dodgers website. Many of the autograph sessions were already sold out by the time the vouchers were made available to the general public, so I was just happy to get two from the main guy that I wanted. Luckily everything went smoothly and I was able to get a pair of baseballs signed by Utley.

I also picked up a Joc Pederson autograph voucher off of eBay. I had some extra money to spend after flipping a few items and decided to splurge a bit to get my 2015 All-Star jersey signed.

As great as the jersey came out, I walked away pretty disappointed at the way Joc acted. He barely looked up at fans and literally threw a fit when I asked him to use my pen. It's more disappointing than anything since technically it was a "paid event" and I wasn't expecting to be scoffed at for asking someone to sign with my pen.

Trayce Thompson was also signing with Joc and thankfully he was as nice as could be.

He also had no problem using my pen, so thanks Trayce.

Overall it was a nice day and a good way to (sort of) begin the baseball season. Even as an Angels fan, I must admit that the Dodgers know how to treat their fans well. I should have a Spring Training post up by the beginning of the season, but until then, thanks for reading.