Autographing Supplies

I've been receiving quite a few questions lately about what supplies are best to bring to autographing events, so here is the answer:

- For baseballs, I use a blue BIC Round-Stick 1.0. They can be found at any store that carries office supplies such as Target, WalMart, or Office Depot.

- For photographs with a light background, I use a simple blue Sharpie.

- For photographs with a dark background, I use either a silver or gold DECO paint pen, whichever one I think will look better. Try to avoid using silver or gold Sharpies, as they tend to dry out quickly and fade over time.

- For mini helmets or full-size helmets that are light colored, I use either a black or blue Sharpie. I try to avoid darker colored helmets since DECO does not work too well on them.

- For official NFL footballs and/or official NBA basketballs, I use a broad-tip silver Prisma Color paint pen. NEVER use a Sharpie!!!

- For cards, I use a blue Sharpie. Nothing looks better.

 - For natural colored bats, I use a blue Sharpie. For black bats, use a silver or gold DECO paint pen. Again, try to avoid using silver or gold colored Sharpies. Notice a trend here?

- For jerseys with colored numbers, I use a fine tip, silver DECO paint pen. If the numbers are white, then a plain black Sharpie will do the trick.

- For official NHL game pucks, I use a fine tip silver DECO paint pen. For "autograph style" pucks, I use an extra fine tip DECO.

While simple pens such as Sharpies or BIC Round-Sticks can be found at local stores, DECO paint pens or PRISMA COLOR paint pens can be harder to find. I recommend searching online for those pens instead of wasting your time searching for one in a store. 

I ONLY use official items, such as Rawlings official Major League baseballs (ROMLB's) and authentic NFL game footballs. There is absolutely no substitute for official baseballs. They generally range from $15 to $20 each. Official footballs can cost up to $100 each, however there are replica footballs that work fine for getting autographed.

Remember, these are my personal preferences. I can't stop you from using a black Sharpie on a brand new baseball ,*sigh*, but I can warn you!